Tuesday, March 17, 2020

March CupboardScape

Going for the green.

With more green appearing outside,
I thought, why not bring some inside.
Although everything pictured here is faux,
its its still springlike. 

I so love these fern plants with the exposed roots.
We sell these in our new store.
Paired with the glass vase,  
which we also sell....
they look really nice together.

I purchased the topiaries from an estate sale
many many years ago.

Mixed in with my butter molds.

Plus a bit of green on top,
completes my green CupboardScape.
Perfect for St Patty's Day.

Erin Go Bragh!

With all of the restaurants and bars now closed
here in Michigan, there won't be any
Irish celebrating here.
No movies, theatres, gyms.
Even the zoo and casinos are closed now.
We may be forced to close our stores.
It was dead in town yesterday.

Hope everyone stays safe.

Green Blessings To All!


  1. Same here too. Love the butter molds!! We did have a bit of "white" last night and some in the forecast...green is a welcome any day now...stay safe!

    1. Did you say SNOW? We had rain today and might hear a rumble of thunder roll in tonight. Janice

  2. I'm so relieved everything here is closed down. I am panicked with too many people in public. But I do understand that there is a real challenge for small businesses and especially a new one. At least Elissa Slotkin sent out an email about relief to small businesses. I'm not sure who qualifies or how long it will take to get there, but I'm glad she's pursuing it.

    1. I panicked myself at the grocery store tonight. I tried to get outta there as fast as I could...and my cart was full. Do not plan on going again for a month. Janice

  3. I love the old butter! I have a couple and wouldn't mind at all having more! :~)

  4. It is the same in Ohio. Even the city I live in has declared an emergency and has closed down for the week except for jobs that absolutely must be done. Very scary.

    1. I am working from home now. Will work the store on Saturday though and wash my hands after each transaction. Janice

  5. Janice, all your green looks so pretty and I am ashamed that I didn't wish anybody a Happy St. Patrick's Day on my blog. Things have slowed down a lot in our little town but we haven't heard of more cases yet, but from the looks of every other place, it will happen..Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. Well dont feel too bad. No one could really celebrate St Patty's Day. Michigan now has over 300 cases and 3 deaths....and probably will rise. 2 cases in our rural county. Janice

  6. Your green space looks like a winner and it's nice to realize Spring is one it's way...virus or not! I hope this doesn't hurt your business and I also hope this will pass soon. Take care!

    1. Thank you! I hope this is over soon. At least I heard that in China it has stopped, so thats a good sign. Janice

  7. Very pretty Janice... I have always loved touches of green...whether real or faux...and this time of year it seems more welcome than ever.... Could be because it was so discouraging to see more snow fall last night. Everything closed in these parts too. Scary stuff, this. Smiles & (virtual) Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I cannot believe you had more snow. UGH It was in the 60's this morning and back to the low 20's. What a tease Mother Nature is. Hope you have a great weekend my friend and stay safe! Janice


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