Monday, November 11, 2019

Meow Monday


The show was a fun one.
I sold lots of product and the ladies
I sat next to were very friendly.
We kept talking to each other all of the time
in between customers.
My mom is in charge of this show.
She makes most of the food too.
Sloppy joes were sold out.
Also sold out was the 
Broccoli Cauliflower Carrot Cheesy soup.
My mom neighbor makes the chili,
and that sold out too!

Yesterday I worked Back Porch
so Bob could go out on a pic.
He found some stained glass lamps,
barrister bookcases and a huge grandfather clock.
We already sold one of the lamps.

Today it is supposed to snow all day.
It is snowing right now.
They are predicting 5-10 inches here.
I am staying put with a warm fire.
Mexican Chicken Chili for dinner tonight.
Am also going to try to finish those turkeys.
So sorry folks, but it seems
I never have the time I think I do.

Today I wanted to show you some kitty pics.

This is who greeted me 
when I got home one night from work.
Now this was late Summer 
when I took these two pics.

Our neighbors kitty named Keegan.
If you know what a creamsicle color is,
he looks like that.
Such a handsome boy!

This one I will claim. LOL
His name is Ace Of Hearts,
because he has a black heart on each side.
Ace for short.

My granddaughter Mikayla named Shadow.
When this wild kitty first came home to us,
he would constantly follow Peepers around.
Thus he was Peepers Shadow as Mikayla called him.  

Here is our dear sweet Peeps.
We lost him in 2017.

I decided to hook a tribute rug of him.

Here is the full rug. It will remain hung 
in our back room.
We still miss you Peeps.

Ace showing off.

The boys laying around...
just before starting a spat.

Can you tell Shadow is a daddy's boy?
When Bob lays on the couch with a blanket,
it is Shadow who snuggles up to him.

Ace is our Investigator.
Anything new that comes in,
he has to jump inside.
Whether it be a cabinet or one of my
Christmas bins...he needs to investigate it.
Do I have your stamp of approval on this one Ace?

Best buddies....most of the time.

In other news,
I won Danice's Blog Anniversary giveaway.

Lots of goodies arrived for me to enjoy!
I love everything Danice!
 Bob lit the candle right away.
I did have to stop him as I wanted to take a pic.

Please visit Danice's blog at
She creates very amazing quilts.

Well off to work on turkeys.
No work today for so glad 
I do not have to drive in the snow today.

Let us all remember our Veterans today too.
They sacrificed all for us to be free.

Meow Monday Blessings To All!


  1. Wonderful tribute to your sweet but departed Peeps. Congrats on the giveaway win.

    1. Thanks Saundra! Bob actually helped pick out the background color for my tribute rug. Janice

  2. I'm glad everyone did so well at the show and the food sold out. First come first served.
    Your tribute rug of Peep looks awesome. I love his eyes.
    Congratulations on your winning.
    We Remember our Veterans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and all those who served their country.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thanks Julia! I had reservations on making the rug, but it turned out. I wanted to capture Peeps big yellow eyes which I did. Janice

  3. Sweet furbaby pictures. They do steal our hearts, don't they? Then they take a piece of it when they leave.
    God bless America.
    God bless our soldiers.
    Freedom isn't free.

    1. Thanks Lauren! Yes fur babies sure do steal our hearts and when they leave a void is there for sure. Janice

  4. Glad the show was a good one. We are getting snow today but hopefully not as much as you.

    1. Well we got 11 inches so hope you did not get our storm. Janice

  5. Great to hear the good news about your show! Your fur babies are so dear. I lost my Mr. Bump in Dec. 2017 and still not over the loss! Your cuties look like they are a wonderful source of joy and companionship. Nothing like a kitty to cuddle with on a chilly day with a warm blanket!

    Whew, snow already? I guess that is par for the course in Michigan. We finally got two days of cooler temps and the next front tomorrow is supposed to give us a night in the 40s! I am excited to be able to wear my favorite wool sweater!!

    1. Looks like Mr Bump was lost right after our Peeps. Well Shadow only cuddles with Bob and Ace is a loner. He does sleep at the foot of the bed though. 11 inches of snow and it snowed a bit today again. Not ready for this. Janice

  6. Well, you know I'm a cat woman so it's super delightful to see this menagerie! They're all so pretty. And I love the hanging you did in memory.

    So glad your show was a good one. Mine is this week (annual sale, so this is IT) and I'm busy getting ready. Fingers crossed -- hope I am as successful as you!

  7. Such sweet kitties! I never thought of myself as a cat person but I rescued a cat not long after we moved here. We had Squeak for 14yrs and I was so sad when she passed away. I haven't gotten another one but if one would adopt us I would be fine with that!

    1. Our Peeps real name was Sqeakers. I named him that because he was the rung of the litter and his vocal cords were not right and he always squeaked when meowing. His nickname was Peeps because of his yellow eyes. I am sure you miss your Squeak as much as I do. Janice

  8. So glad you sold a lot at the show. Cute kitty photos too. Also glad that you like the Blogoversary items.

  9. Yes I so did Danice. Thanks for your giveaway! Hope you are having a great weekend! Janice


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