Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Colonial Hat Boxes

Good morning friends!
I love to create things when I have the time.
Today I wanted to show you my latest
Christmas tree decorations
I created for one of my Colonial themed trees.

I used these two fabrics from my stash
and purchased these paper mache boxes
over at Hobby Lobby.
Two different sizes.

Using Modge Podge here are my 
colonial hat boxes.

Believe it or not hat boxes of the 1700's 
were more for men than women.
They needed hat boxes for their wigs,
and Cocked Hat Boxes for their tricorn hats.

Life for women in this time period
was just to be a mere object for men.
They had no rights.
Unless a women had to take care of a parent,
it was expected they marry before they were 20.

The average birth was 7 per woman,
and some died at childbirth while some children
died at a very young age.

Life was hard back then.

Men were taught that educating a woman
was a waste of time.
Men educated their sons.
Mothers taught their daughters  
to learn housekeeping skills,
nothing else.
If your husband died, you were expected 
to remarry within 6 months. 
There were some woman who worked
outside the home; but that was not the norm. 

Those woman who were from elite families
did own hat boxes, and clothes for the elite
were highly fashionable
 for both men and women. 

Within the family unit the man 
was the head of the family.
Only he had the right to vote,
and make any decisions for his family.
Only if the husband was away, was the wife
able to make important decisions. 

Women of the 1700's were only valued
for being a person who could take care
a man's needs.
Because men out-numbered
woman back then, if one became widowed,
all of the unmarried men in town would
flock to her door.

Widowed and unmarried men needed women
 to take care of their households, 
bear children and also take care of another
 man's children if their first wife died.

How sad to be a slave to your husband,
because in essence back then that was what
women of the 1700's were.

Someday I hope to own a real wallpaper
box from this era.
They are so hard to find and most are
way out of my price point. 

Hatbox Blessings To All!


  1. Lovely little red gems, perfect for your beautiful tree !

    1. Thank you Rose. They do look good on my frosted snowy tree. Janice

  2. Those are so cute! I loved all the history too! I come from a L O N G line of strong women....I know I couldn't do it! Glad to be born in 1966 in stead of 1766!

    1. I have more history to tell in upcoming posts as I did many hours of research for the 1700 time period. Stay tuned for more. Janice

  3. Thanks for the history lesson. You tiny hat boxes are lovely.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thank you Julia. I have more history in store for upcoming posts. Please stay tuned. Janice

  4. Very sweet! There is something special about hat boxes...just love them!

    These would be extra festive with a tiny bit of glad glitter?!

    1. Thank you Michelle! Wish I could own one from that time period. So rare and expensive if you do by chance find one. Janice

  5. Janice, what a sweet idea for your tree. I loved the info you posted. Talk about the Good Old Days! Thanks for your last visit. I am still looking for my star. Sounds like you have a good price on your trees compared to EBay. Happy Wednesday.xxoJudy

    1. I actually just purchased a tin star for my new tree. Hope you found yours. Also heard they may be taking your power down again... which is not fun. Janice

  6. Your boxes are awfully cute, especially on the tree. I love the red -- it's so cheerful!

    1. They do look good on the tree. Am glad I went with the red fabric instead of the blues. Janice

  7. So wonderful Janice. They look amazing on the tree. You are very talented.
    Have a great day!!!

    1. Thanks Janet! Will you be in Holly? If so will miss you. :-( Janice

  8. You always come up with the coolest crafts! Those boxes made into ornaments are really cute!

    We as women sure have come a long way over the years to having many more rights of self-determination and freedom to choose our own path in life. Most of us today would be horrified to suddenly find ourselves back in 1790s or all of the 1800s.

  9. I got the inspiration from seeing a dealer with a real antique hatbox that I admired but could not afford. When I saw these paper mache boxes, I knew then I could make these... and so glad I did them in the reds instead of blue fabric. More festive. Janice


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