Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hooked House Happenings

Well folks we had our first Winter snowstorm.
First major snowstorm to hit us in November.
11 inches fell down on Monday.
So glad I could watch the snow pile up
inside and not have to drive in it that day.
We broke a record.

Yesterday morning the temp was 11 degrees.
We broke yet another record for that.
Winter has not even begun.

It is snowing again this morning.

We are in for a long Winter. :-(

This was the hooked house I started a few weeks ago.
My version of a stately colonial home. 

I decided to leave it on my frame.
I also decided not to finish it,
but rather leave it here on the table 
next to my tree.
The little colonial light gives it a pretty glow.
Although hooked rugs did not make
 an appearance until the 1800's,
I just imagine our foremothers
hooking by candlelight.
The other hooked houses
 are already on my tree.

Finally this is my version of 
a Swedish log cabin of the 1700's.
Yes folks the Swedes 
were also here in Colonial America.
They settled in
 Delaware, Pennsylvania  and New Jersey
They called their settlements
"New Sweden"

With the snow falling,
it reminded me of Christmas
so I decided to turn the lights on
just in our living room.

It is cozy with the fireplace, 
lights and yummy candle lit.

Did this past snowstorm affect you? 

 House Happening Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice,

    I love the hooked houses. They are so nice and I love both colonial style and log homes. We didn't get snow here; we seldom do but it has been way below normal temps for us. I'm with you I think we are going to have a long cold winter this year.

    Take care

    1. Thank you Constance. Our high was 32 today. Snow still on the ground. Janice

  2. Gosh, Janice, a snowstorm with 11 inches already! I hope they can keep roads clear so people are able to safely get around. It all seems very foreign to me down here in the land of hot. I agree with you that this cold and snowy spell was made easier with the Christmas tree lights on! Cozy is always in order , in my mind, no matter what the weather is doing on the outside.

    Your little hooked rugs are just darling and I especially love the Swedish log cabin! I was aware that many Swedish immigrants came in the mid 1800s but not aware that many were here in the 1700s.

    1. Sure did not expect that snow, but it warmed up a bit. Temp today was 32. Turned on all of the lights tonight and it does look festive now. Thanks for liking my hooked rug houses. I had fun creating them . Janice

  3. We had a bit of snow but bitterly cold and it broke records here.

    1. Yes we broke a record with the cold too. Brrr Janice

  4. We had the snow early in the week but the record breaker was the cold. Thankfully most of the snow is gone since we only got about 3 inches. Our wood stove keeps it cozy in here! I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. We'll be having it on Sunday next week since most of the kids have to be other places on Thanksgiving day. Then I'll think about decorating for Christmas. It seems like the Fall season goes by so fast. Only a few weeks and then snow hits and everyone is preparing for Winter and Christmas. Oh well, when you live up North like us that's just how it goes! Hope you have a good week. Your hooking skills are really pretty! I'm sure your living room is lovely too with your Christmas lights!

  5. Thank you for the lovely comment. Hope your thanksgiving is a nice one. I turned the lights on all over tonight and the glow is so pretty now. Hope your weekend is going good.

  6. Hi Janice, snow already. It does look like a long winter ahead. We are getting pretty cold around here. I think I forgot to thank you for your sweet visit on my birthday. I guess the "forgetful" time is drawing nearer!!. I love the idea of that cute little house sitting by the tree. I always wanted to do rug hooking but haven't tried it yet..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  7. I just took up rug hooking about 2 years now, A customer of ours showed me how to do it. I thought it would be harder than it is. Now I need to work on punch needle again. Use to do that in the 80's. Hope your birthday was a grand one! Janice


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