Friday, November 29, 2019

A Colonial Christmas Bedroom

TGIF Friends!
Hope all filled their bellies 
while enjoying time with friends 
and/ or family.

We first watched the Detroit parade,
on tv,
which is now 95 years in the making.

What a wonderful parade it was!

Then had a great meal that my sister
prepared for all of us.

Thanks again Teresa!

While you peruse my pics
of our colonial bedroom,
I want to tell you the story of the 
Royal Proclamation of 1763.

This proclamation was issued by King George III
to Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa's
on October 7, 1763.

It forbade all settlements west of a line drawn
along the Appalachian mountains

which was delineated as an Indian
reserve for the Ottawa people.

Many of the colonists were not happy with
Britain's proclamation.

Now Daniel Boone at this time decided
to start hunting and trapping
west of this line to supplement 
his farm income.

Daniel Boone was a rebellious one.

He moved his family from 
North Carolina to Kentucky in 1769.

Now mind you this was west of the line
King Charles stated in his proclamation
that settlers would not cross.

When the Revolutionary War
started, Daniel served as a militia officer.

In Kentucky the war was fought primarily
between the American settlers
and the British- allied Native Americans.

After the war,
Daniel Boone fought in one more war.

The Blue Licks War was
between the settlers and Shawnee
who were still fighting to get their land back.

Shawnee warriors captured
Daniel Boone in 1778.

He managed to escape to alert
Boonesborough of the Shawnee attack.

Although outnumbered by the Shawnees,
Boonesborough was saved.

Following the Revolutionary War,
a group of forty eight men,
became the first Americans to
enter the Northwest Territory.

The Northwest Territory
at that time was not out West
like we know of today.

They established the first
American settlement under the 
new United States of America
in Marietta, Ohio.

The Northwest Territory
at this time was the following states.

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

Wisconsin, Michigan

 Northeast Minnesota.

Further advancement into the frontier
also involved claiming lands
owned by the Native Americans.

Since I live in Michigan,
if living in the late 1700's
I would have move out West.

Mind boggling for me.

Any hoot,
hope you enjoyed this lastest Colonial story.

Today I will be working from home.
Dinner will be Pepper Steak over rice.

The weekend will find me painting
my rabbit and finishing up a few mini
hooking items that will go with my snowmen.

Have a wonderful last weekend of November
my friends!

1763 Blessings To All!


  1. very interesting love all you wonderful decorations.

  2. Very interesting history to go along with your Colonial decor. I love that antique horse and that bowl of little boots. Your antiques all have their own history and it would be fun to hear some of their stories.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. THank you Julia! Your comment gave me an idea, so starting in January I will do a post on my antiques monthly with a bit of history toit. THanks for the idea! Janice

  3. Thanks for renewing my years old history lesson. Beautiful colonial home all decorated for the holidays.

  4. Talk about a feast for the eyes! I love your Colonial Christmas bedroom! And, of course, a bit of history just made it all the better!

  5. This ole' history teacher loves to learn new things! Love the "colonial Christmas". My favorite historical time...and my favorite decor.

  6. What a wonderful history lesson. How nice to know that I live in the "once, long ago" west! My in-laws had a lovely 120 acre farm here in Ohio that my hubby would use with the boy scouts for camping and hiking. Many times when they would build a fire they would find arrow heads. Kind of cool to think of Native Americans hunting or fighting on their land! Love your colonial bedroom decor. You have some really nice antiques and I bet it's great to feel all that history around you!

    1. How nice to have had memories of a farm. Farm life growing up as a kid was my favorite memories. Yes having all of my antiques around is so warm and inviting...especially at Christmas. Janice

  7. I loved this history - I knew some of it but guess I didn't pay attention to a lot of it when I first heard it (and heard it at other times). I guess when one gets older they take more interest in certain things.
    Your Colonial bedroom is so beautiful ... and big!

    1. Thanks aren. I enjoyed your home tourin the magazine. Congratulations on it! Janice

  8. your colonial bedroom looks wonderful.

  9. Thanks for the history and eye candy! What a cozy room!!!

  10. Thank you for the sweet comment. More to come in December. Janice

  11. What a lovely tour of your home while learning about important colonial history of our Nation! Colonial history and American history in general is a big interest of mine. I am always wondering why and how things became like they are today. There was a lot of bravery to take off and go West and not really know what one would encounter!

    Your home is beautiful the way you decorated it for Christmas!! I love all of the reds against cooler and paler contrasts. Looking forward to more posts with all of the rest of your rooms. It must be fun living in a place all fixed up to the nines!!

    1. Yes it is fun this year as I did not have to rush decorating and took my time creating the different vignettes throughout....which I started for the tour. Oh well, my blogging friends with get to see as well as family and friends coming upon the weekends. Janice


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