Thursday, November 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Well since our house is still a mess,
I have been unable to take any recent pics
of anything.
Since I have no energy to tackle any cleaning after work,
and with shows the next two Saturdays....
that just leaves Sunday in between laundry to clean.
If you saw our house right now...
There are prim goodies 
in both the living room and back room.
Then there are the vintage items for next Saturdays show.
Once they get outta here,
I can begin to take down the Fall decor,
and start the Christmas Season.

In the meantime, here are some pics of the museum
in Port Sanilac, MI.

Mourning dress laid out on the bed.
Check out that high headboard.

Early fabric rocker with a yo yo pillow.
I would like to make one of these one day.

Loved this blue wainscoting and door.

The home was owned by a doctor.
Collection of old medicine bottles.

Their daughter's room.
It is a known fact that if you move items
in this room, they will be put back in place the next day.
She does not like things moved.

Finally this 1950's police car.
I love the simplicity of this car.
This was parked outside the police station
in Savannah GA when we visited a few years ago.

Do you like visiting museums?
Bob and I love going to any that we can find.
We learn so much from our past.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
Will be back soon with new pics.

Old Picture Blessings To All!


  1. I love walking through old house museums. so much to see and learn

  2. I love going through museums; taking a look into the past. This museum seems to have a Victorian design. I love beds with tall headboards. What a great way to spend your day. Thanks for sharing pictures.

  3. I love to visit museums too! These photos are quite interesting. The morning dress gave me an eerie feeling laying there on the bed!!!LOL!!
    Good luck with your shows. I hope they are successful and FUN! Looking forward to your photos of some highlights.


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