Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bath Peek N Boo

Oh My Goodness
Can you believe Thanksgiving in next week?
We will be spending our turkey day 
with my sister and her family,
 my kids and grands,
 my brother and SIL and my mom.
Good food and good times will be had.

Cold temps for today with rain later.
The deer will be moving more than ever now.
Before I head off to work,
 I would like to share some pics of our new bath.

I saved this antique mirror for years.
Kept it safe in the spare room.
Bob painted it black to match the antique dresser
turned into sink.
The marble top from Home Depot fit perfectly.

This dresser was originally an olive green color.
The black goes well with our tile.
{Tile looks yellow here...it is black and grayish white}.

The stone shower floor and tile in the shower.
Black granite sill.
{Again color a bit yellow}

The bench seat.
We had to order the glass door,
so we put up a shower curtain for now.

This black granite niche holds our shampoo/ conditioner.

While this one holds our bath gels and loofahs.

Two shower heads.
Bob says the big one is for him,
the little one for me. 
{I use the big one too}
Don't let Bob fool you.

The toilet.
{not sure why that line is in this pic}

Another view.
Antique door leading to our hall.

Still need to hang a few things.
Also need to find a small prim cabinet to go over the toilet.
{Bob may be making one}
Need to accessorize the rest, so more to come. 

I so love having a fresh new clean look!
Bob is the bestest....so is cousin Jimmy!
Even though it took longer than expected...
it is what we wanted.
We are both very pleased.

Bath Peek N Boo Blessings To All!


  1. It turned out beautifully. I love it! Stop by my blog for a special offer - you might find something you can't live without for your new bath!

  2. I love your dresser turned vanity!!! I have an old wash stand that was turned in to my upstairs bath vanity.
    The entire bath looks great!

  3. Janice, your bath turned out fantastic!! I love that antique dresser made into a sink and the old mirror is just perfect with it. Everything turned out so well and it has that old feeling while being updated and totally modern in it's function. Great job Bob did and all the others who were a part.including your vision too!! The colors are also perfect for being able to add a variety of colors and accessories. This was a renovation that was worth waiting for!!! I love it!

  4. Black and white is such a good and classic look...lovely new bath.

  5. Hi Janice,
    A+ to the men for a great job!! Love the black and white!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Hi Janice, I love your bathroom reno. We're doing the same thing right now...and it's taking longer than expected too LOL. Your cabinet looks wonderful, I just love the flooring. We found a dresser a couple of weeks ago that will fit. I wanted antique but settled with this, we both love it and it's the color I wanted. Can't wait to see all your decor added to the bathroom.

  7. it turned out beautiful.. turning dresser into sink cabinet is a very unique idea..

  8. It's beautiful, Janice!! That was the best investment we made with our new bathroom...you will love it !!


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