Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Corner Set Up

Happy Hump Day everyone.
Another Halloween in the books.
I had lots of kiddos 
trick or treating at the store last night.
A few of my favorites were
Santa riding a small bike.
A boy dressed as Where's Waldo
A little tyke in a green dragon costume complete with tail.
A royal knight with headpiece, breastplate and sword.
There also was a young cowgirl riding her very own horse.
(dad was the pooper scooper...just in case)

The weather was not too it went well.
If you passed out candy, did you have any favorite costumes?
If you did not pass out candy, did you do anything special?

Bob and I went out for a late dinner afterwards.
He had this big burger with onion rings on it.
I decided on cajun chicken pasta.

My hands and toes were cold from being outside for hours,
so not only did I have hot chocolate at the restaurant,
but took a hot shower in our new bath when we got home.
It sure was nice sitting on that bench.

Then I proceeded to watch Hocus Pocus.
I so love that movie...
and it was on all day and night yesterday.

Yesterday morning we had snow for about a half hour,
so I was not so sure what the night was going to bring.

It did clear up though by the evening,
and all went well.

I must say the kiddos were very polite,
and most of them told me 
Happy Halloween.

The father of one boy told him to say 
Trick or Treat.
He had the biggest smile on him...
and immediately said.
"Smell my feet"
I laughed as he was such a cutie pie.

That was our Halloween.
Hope you enjoyed the pics of my corner in the living room.
I only decorated for Autumn this year...
No Halloween this year except for the Cupboardscape.
I had every intention of adding a few things,
but the bathroom came first...and so glad it is done.
Still need the shower door, but will show pics soon.

Until the next time.
Post Halloween Blessings To All!


  1. Lots of kids, young and old, in my neighborhood. I had my first pregnant trick-or-treater in costume but I never refuse candy to anyone, no matter how!

  2. This year less kids came for Trick or Treating in our neighborhood...

  3. Gorgeous pictures you have shared. Sounds like you had a very polite group of trick or treaters. We did not have any...just the little neighbor girl. I purposely buy the candy she likes, so that I am not tempted! lol

  4. Loved reading your post Janice! We never get kids but Norm and I did go to dinner and then went to the mall to work on my booth.
    I can't believe how warm it is tonight 55 degrees but raining.
    Do you have your candy store open yet?

  5. We had great Florida weather this year for a change so it was't all hot and muggy for the children. I guess I had somewhere close to 60 kids stop by based on what was left over. I always enjoy seeing the cute costumes and their excitement! Halloween is just always a good time for everyone that wishes to participate.

    Your pics of the living room are lovely! What is that white firkin with the interesting top? I have never seen anything like it before. We are back up to the low 80s again as our fall weather disappeared once again. I am ready for some cold to stick around for a few months! Have a great weekend.

  6. Enjoyed your post and the photos are a delight. Halloween sounded like a lot of fun at the store.

  7. I would have loved to see those costumes too. Our property is not in an area for ToT so we had none. We stayed home, gave our kids a little candy since we didn't do costumes this year, and watched "Coraline" on Netflix. We'd already watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" earlier in the week (my favorite!!)


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