Monday, November 6, 2017

Our Autumn Bedroom

Does everyone feel like I do about this
moving the clocks back???
It sure does take a toll on this ole body of mine.
Not sure whether I am coming or going.

The bottle show was what Bob had expected in sales.
Very different folks from our prim shows...
but we learned things about bottles
 that we never knew before.

Most bottle collectors are divers,
and they sure do have the stories to tell.
A lot of them dive right in the rivertown our store is located.
Back in the day,
Marine City was a shipbuilding community.
Lots of bottles were dumped over the sides of ships.
In fact during prohibition,
one cargo of liquor was tossed overboard,
so as to escape the police.
These divers dig anywhere from 2 to 4 feet in the silt,
to find treasures. 
Most keep what they find...and other sell them.
Very interesting indeed.

Before I was interrupted by the bath reno,
I had taken these pics of our bedroom.
Now I have been slowly taking my Autumn down,
and bringing in the Christmas. 

It usually takes me a month to put everything up.
Since I like to enjoy it,
I usually start right after Halloween.

Currently I have one small tree up and started another one.
I only work on weekends, so that's why it takes me so long. 

I have spreadsheets of what I like to do each season.
Sometimes my plans work...sometimes they get tweaked.

Sometimes they even get scratched off the list.

I enjoy showing different ideas you can do.

Plus with my Sagittarian personality,
I get bored doing the same thing over and over.
Maybe that's the artist in me to. LOL

So while today you are viewing our bedroom,
I am already planning on Christmas.

I also have un-completed prim projects
that were not completed for the show.
These will eventually go into the store,
and I will offer them on my blog.

Not many as with my head swirling with Valentine's now,
I probably will become bored with Christmas.
Its a disease I tell ya.

If you noticed, I even had Bob move the furniture
around for Autumn and Winter.
The bed has been moved from under the windows.

The kids like it.
They decided to either snuggle for warmth...
or were trying to tell me something.
Like leave us alone mom...we are trying to nap.

Hope everyone adjust to the time change.
Have a great evening!

Autumn Bedroom Blessings To All!


  1. I hate the time change! Not because it's hard for me to adjust but because it is dark so early. UGH!
    Sweet kitty picture.

  2. yeh!! time change!! at least I could sleep an extra hour.. :D

  3. my mother use to collect bottles when I was a kid we would go to old cellar holes in the woods and find their dump and dig.

  4. Janice I always enjoy your photos of collectibles in your lovely home! Your kitties are so sweet too all snuggled up together too.

    As for tiring of a season, I long for Fall and never tire of it!! LOL!! Because we have so much warm weather, the rest of the year sort of all runs together with varying amounts of heat and humidity. When you live where there are real visible changes, I think it is easier to separate the year into holidays and seasons.

  5. I am not too happy about the time change twice a year. I prefer the dark mornings over the early dark evenings. I love your old red coverlet folded; and your crocks, and the blue basket. You have so many nice things it is hard to name them all.

  6. I am not a fan of the time change either. Makes me feel like I've missed something, lol. More pretty decor in your home. We usually begin Christmas decorating very soon after Halloween :)

  7. Great look in your bedroom, love how everything is grouped perfect and kittys loving it too!
    oxox friend!!!


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