Thursday, November 16, 2017

That Darn Elf

Thank You Thank You
For all of your wonderful comments about our new bath.
Bob and I both appreciate it.
I always knew I had the BEST blogging friends!

I thought about starting to decorate for Christmas.
Will create a few things for sale when time permits.
Then this darn elf came out of the bin.

It is his fault I made these.

It's all his fault.
He made me do it.

Just like that elf on the shelf.

He made me do it.
This time of year it is always his fault.
So I created this fun little pillow tuck.
Printed the saying on a tan fabric with tiny hearts and dots.
The background and back of pillow is a red check fabric.

Back of the pillow.
I made 12 of these lil pillow tucks for the show this weekend.
They are approx. 6  1/2 x  3  1/4.
I am selling these for $8.00 at the show.
If anyone is interested in purchasing one 
before Saturday, then please email before than at 
and based on your address will let you know shipping cost.

Well off to work.
It's almost Friday.
Last night decorated two Christmas trees at the store.
It is looking so festive over there now.
Need to take pics and show you.

Darn Cute Elf Blessings To All!
{Pssst...he...the elf...just told me he will be making
appearances in most of my posts from now on}

It is the imp in him I guess. LOL


  1. very cute that elf shows up everywhere.

  2. Is that the elf on the shelf? Spying, reporting elf! I never warmed up to that story, but he is kinda cute. :)

  3. Aww!! this is very sweet... muaahh..

  4. Your little Christmas Elf is cute and the little shelf pillow is darling! Today, I was at the eye doctor and as we sat in the room waiting for our eye to dilate, several women were discussing getting the tree up ASAP to just be able to feel free to move on to other bigger projects. I bet this weekend will have trees in home windows all decked out. The real trees from up north have not arrived yet so most of the early decorating will begin as soon as they arrive here on I-75 to the tree lots!

  5. I love it! You have to watch out for those elves lol. The pillows are a great idea.

  6. LOVE your Elf n Elf pillows!! Have a great Thanksgiving!! XOXO Love Fran.


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