Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shades Of White

My gramma H always told me
Never change the bed.
Until April is dead.

Meaning keep the flannels on your bed.
This weekend was so correct, 
with temps only in the high 40's.

It's a dreary cold rainy day here in Michigan today.
So I decided to bring in a bit of white to this post.
Hope you enjoy some of my fav whites
both inside and out.

Faux apple blossoms.

Money plant.

Bridal Bush.


Flowering Pear Tree.

Lily of The Valley.

Shades Of White Blessings to All!


  1. Lovely!! Nice to see a slice of home today. I love Michigan! But 40 degrees? Ooohh...I don't miss that! ;-)

  2. Your whites today do brighten up your home with that miserable weather outside! Hopefully better weather is on it's way this coming week for you too. We are in a terrible drought here and I would take rain even if it meant 40 degree days!


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