Monday, April 10, 2017

Bunnies On Duty For The Full Moon

Good evening everyone.
We currently have some thunderstorms rolling in.
Our kitties are in their catio 
watching the storm come in. 
Once it starts raining, 
I am sure they will be running inside. LOL

Tonight I would like to talk about the April moon
whilst showing pics of some of my bunnies.

Tomorrow night is the April full moon.
Did you know it has several names?
Our native Americans depending on the region they lived,
called this moon by different names. 

It is called the Pink Moon,
because the wild pink phlox starts blooming this month.

Then there is the Sprouting Grass Moon.
This is where rivers and streams and marshes are.
It was called the sprouting grass moon as the grasses
begin to sprout out this month just in time for the
migratory ducks, herons and egrets 
 returning to their Summer grounds. 

The Egg Moon is for those migratory birds
who make their nests in trees and lay their eggs.

Finally the Fish Moon is where the Shad spawn.

Where we live it would be the Sprouting Grass Moon.
We have lots of ducks, herons and swans returning
from their Winter homes.
It is nice to see these birds back.
Also nice to see the cattails sprouting up.

What moon do you think you might have in your 
neck of the woods?

April Full Moon Blessings To All!


  1. Janice, Love your Bunny displays. I didn't know that about the moon, thanks for sharing. hugs, Lecia

  2. Very interesting! I think we will be having the pink moon. Not sure we'll be seeing it tonite since we are in a rainy day pattern here in Ohio today. It seems like we can see teh trees and bushes leafing out right before our eyes. So many beautiful shades of green in the spring.
    Enjoy your day :) and thanks for sharing the moon names.

  3. That's really interesting and your bunnies are so nice. I will be having a collection for next year as mine went begging this year. I think most folks are not woke up to the fact that Easter is upon us. Or better still maybe everyone is focused on the real reason we celebrate, and that pleases me. Isn't spring beautiful in Michigan?

  4. it's a very nice post.. All the names of April full moon are so lovely..

  5. I'm going to go with the Sprouting Grass Moon lol. I have no idea actually but it's very interesting information. I love your bunnies. Enjoy your evening!


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