Sunday, April 2, 2017

2 Easy Spring Flower Displays

Happy Sunday everyone!
I forgot that yesterday was April Fools Day.
Did you prank anyone yesterday?
Did you get pranked?
I think Bob forgot too, as he did not do anything to me.

What's in store for your day today?

I am going to finish laundry.
Decorate the spare bedroom for Spring.
Finish my fireplace mantle display...
and then do some hooking.
I made 30 chicken enchiladas with refried beans yesterday,
so warming that up for dinner tonight.
I learned how to make these from my former husband's
grandmother who could not speak English.
I took 4 years of Spanish in school, and she loved
teaching me how to cook. 
She even made her tortillas from scratch.
Although I no longer make my refried beans
 from scratch anymore, I still do not buy them from the can.
I do buy the pinto beans in a can and doctor them up.
The true way is to cook them all day long
 using lots of bacon grease & dried beans. 
Not so healthy, so that's why I don't make 
them that way anymore. 
It still takes most of the day to make the enchiladas,
which is why I make so many.

So enough of my rambling.
Today I wanted to show you an easy way to add
some Spring to your home.

For this display, you will need a wood container.
I used a small grain measure.
Styrofoam in a dome shape, one faux tulip,
and flax.
You can use spanish moss, or green grass or excelsior.

Place styrofoam in your container.
Then take your tulip and place a hole in the middle
of the styrofoam.

Add your filler (flax in mine)
Leave a bit of a hole in the middle to add your tulip back.

Place your tulip back in the hole.

Placed next to my lamp.

Completed table display.

For the next flower display,
I used the same principal.
I grabbed a square wood box.
Added 5 Grape Hyacinths.
(2 white and 3 blue)
Then added green excelsior.

If you noticed, the 1  3  5 rule goes for flower displays too!

Hope this gets you in the mood to add
some flowers to your own displays.

Spring Flower Display Blessings To All!


  1. Your flower arrangements turned out great! With the use of your prim bases, the flowers look real which is hard to make happen sometimes. And the 1-3-5 rules again make it all end up proportioned well. Thanks again for these great ideas. Please show us a photo of your finished mantle as I know it is going to look so cute. I know of one hare you made that moved South, but did the rest of them stay with you?? Hehehe, my Hare is now sitting in a wooden bowl surrounded by Karen's hand painted eggs that look like red ware she just posted for sale on her blog site last week. He just jumped right in the bowl before I could stop him! One just never knows about Easter Hares in Spring. They kinda do what want and show very little interest in remaining is a singular display. You know what I mean?? LOL!!!

  2. Loved your arrangements!
    Very nice!
    Happy Spring!
    No tricks for us, I honestly hate that kind of thing.
    I am gullible and will fall for it every time.

  3. Hi Janice, your display definitely gets me in the mood to decorate for spring. Our real flowers aren't up yet although they have broken through the ground by a few inches. We've had lots of bees here but I don't know what they're feeding on right now. Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Thanks for the beautiful flower tutorial, I am going to remember the 1,3, 5 rule, thanks for sharing. hugs, Lecia

  5. Thanks for the tutorial and sharing of some primtastic ideas


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