Friday, April 28, 2017

A First Look

A full two weeks have past,
with my shoulder being at the 90 degree mark...
so we are halfway to getting better.
I faithfully have been doing my exercises
as I so want to get better...but these getting up
at 4:30am mornings are killing me.
This old body is not use to getting up before the roosters.

So this weekend I plan on staying home, resting and
will try to make more goodies.

Here is a first look at my black kitty.

Did you know that black dogs and kitties usually
don't get adopted. It's a darn shame as they need love too.
Ace agrees.
Growing up we always had black cats and dogs.

Every black dog we had, my sister named Blackie.
It became an inside joke with my family.
I hope you are not calling this sweet kitty
Blackie mom says Shadow.
No Shadow.

His name will be Ashes.

Since my kitties are always doing what they do best....
laying around and sleeping,
 I thought this would be a great
design for a kitty.
If you click on the pictures to enlarge,
you can see where I hand stitched his paws.
He has been stained with my coffee cinnamon mixture,
while sporting an orange collar and rusty bell.
{so he won't get lost}
BTW ~ his muzzle and nose are made from wool.
{in case you might be allergic like my mom}

If you would like to adopt your own black kitty,
I only have 6 made in this fabric of black...
and I cannot find any more.
Ashes adoption fee is $25.00 which includes shipping
to the US only.
Each kitty is approx 9 inches across x 7 1/2 tall.

I do plan on making some brothers for him at some point.
Cinder will be a gray kitty.
While Embers will be an orange one.

Well off to make an ice cream float for myself.
Then sittin back to read my new issue of 
Simple Life magazine.

What will be on your agenda this weekend?

First Look Blessings To All!


  1. Oh for goodness sake, what a darling kitty!!! I do love that face as he naps again. so happy to hear that your shoulder is making some progress and I agree that a weekend of resting is in order! You enjoy every moment!!

    I just finished reading my copy of A simple Life and it was wonderful as usual. In addition to all the photos, I love the diary and articles a lot too. Plus the recipe for bread pudding looks like a must try for me. I love that dessert.

    This Weekend? Well it is supposed to be in the 90s all weekend so what ever I do will be in the AC!!!! This morning I pulled out one of my favorite Halloween mugs for my coffee. This early heat has me already dreaming about Fall and cooler weather!! LOL!! Pumpkins and Kitties, bring it on!

  2. Hi Janice! Little Ashes is one adorable kitty - love his eyelids. I can't wait to see the others. It's a rainy weekend in Wisconsin, so indoors is where it's at for me. Hope you enjoy and are feeling better each and every day. Jane


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