Thursday, April 13, 2017

April CupboardScape

Good morning friends.
Thank God It's Thursday.
Then tomorrow TGIF.
What I am trying to say is...
two more work days
and I am on a mini vacation.
Going to be spending some time creating
for Halloween and hooking on my rug.
Yes you did hear correctly.
Getting started early.
For now I would like to share my
April CupbpardScape.

I love bunnies!

This big fellow was purchased at the breckenridge show.
He is just full of personality.

With Spring flowers and egg baskets,

Yellow wool tulip mat over the suitcase.
Fits perfectly here for Spring!

The bunny is holding a burlap bag of sticks and greens.
{he was doing Spring garden cleaning}

Once completed with his chores,
he grabbed himself a carrot.

I think our Sprouting Moon has finally brought 
Spring to our neck of the woods.
I am seeing sprouts in my garden now too.
Hope everyone enjoys their Easter Weekend.
Let's remember though it is not just about bunnies.

Sprouting Spring CupboardScape Blessings To All!


  1. Love your cupboard enjoy your creative time.

  2. Happy Easter weekend to you both and enjoy your mini vacation Janice.
    Love your Spring decor.
    My plants are popping out like crazy. Yesterday I planted some Allysum and put out more yellow violas for Spring and cut my lawn for the first time.

  3. Sweet bunny but what I love is that little crock!
    Happy Easter :)

  4. I missed the Tuesday posting about bunnies and I must say, you have some mighty cute and handsome rabbits filling nooks and spaces in your home!! I love them all with their faces and personalities. The yellow tulip wool rug is also gorgeous. What a perfect accent piece for Spring!

    So happy to hear that Old Man Winter has moved on and Spring is peeking up out of the ground up your way too! Maybe that Sprouting Moon swept out the last miserable remnants of cold dreary weather on Tuesday night. I also read on that this past moon was called the Pink Moon down here because of all of the wild Phlox that is blooming along roadsides now. So Tuesday night, I was out and I can't say the moon was pink, but it did seem a bit more yellow//pink/grey in color than the usual bright white.

    Wishing you and Bob a Easter Weekend full of Blessings!

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention that I totally love that you are going to be doing a bit of Halloween planning this weekend!! WooHoo!! In my opinion, it is NEVER too early to dream and plan for Fall and Halloween. I have to admit, I am already missing my favorite Pumpkin Spice Coffee and have been known to longingly look lately inside my Fall storage box at all the cute things just smiling back. If you don't mind...... any little peeks at Halloween ideas will be welcomed!! LOL!!

  6. Hi Janice! That big ol' bunny is darling - love his size. Enjoy your time off and a blessed Easter to you all. Jane

  7. Looks great Janice. I love the bunny. Happy Easter to you.

  8. So adorable. "Cupboardscape", what a great word. I also love bunnies :)

  9. He's so cute, he definitely has a lot of personality. We always say our bunny here (a real one lol) has bunnytude. Have a wonderful Easter.

  10. Happy Easter weekend and i just LOVE your big bunny!! I have been working on some as well but smaller ones!!! I did do a couple on large spools that I had with me at the show in MI last month!! happy that spring is finally here and I can get my hands dirty with some dirt instead of coffee staining and paint hehe!! Enjoy your time off!! hugs Linda

  11. Happy Spring & Happy Easter. Oh, how I enjoyed your pretty decor pics. Have a lovely day.


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