Thursday, April 6, 2017

Freighters Hunkering Down & Rug Progress

Hi everyone!
Hope all is well.
Here in our part of Michigan we
are having rain and snow.
We are also under a wind warning,
with winds to reach 58 MPH at times.
Because of the bad weather,
and high waves,
the lake freighters have been told to hunker down.

Hunker down they did.

I saw 5 of them anchored close to shore
along our river.

This one, 
the Indiana Harbor which is a 1000 footer,
was anchored about 50 ft from shore.

I went home and grabbed my camera and drove
back up the river about a half mile to take pics of this one.

It was raining and with snow mixed in
 at the time I took these pictures.

They will all stay hunkered down in the safety
of the river overnight.

Now for more progress on my rug.

I finished one corner.

Blues and off whites.

 Working now on the next one.

Well friends, I am going to hunker down myself.
Watch some tv and read some.

Tomorrow I have the day off, 
so am getting an oil change on my car,
Bob and I will be picking up our taxes 
We owe Uncle Sam.
Then going out for lunch.

Hunkering Down Blessings To All!


  1. Nasty weather you are having up your way! Oh my, what a mess for everyone including shipping. My guess is that the storm has created turmoil on Lake Michigan? When visiting Lake Superior a few years ago, I was surprised to read in a museum about the serious storms with huge waves that occur in the Great Lakes. No wonder those barges and ships flee to calmer waters of the river!

    We had awful rain storms with nasty wind gusts down here yesterday and last night here in Florida. There were tornadoes, hail, power loses and up to 12-15 inches of downpours just west of us. The past week has been very warm and when that cold front hit, things fired up and got nasty. I hate Spring storms down here as they can be dangerous and fierce.

    Your rug is off to a nice start. Looking forward to the finished piece. Enjoy your day off tomorrow and a chance to go out to lunch!

  2. Oh no!! not a good weather... it is already April, Spring should show his face.. But you did and incredible job. you drove in this bad weather and took the pictures.. Thanks for sharing them..eagerly waiting to see the finished rug..:)

  3. Here in northern Ohio the rain is supposed to turn to snow. God awful winds :( Sunday we are supposed to be 73*. ~ ~ ~ Welcome to Ohio ~ ~ ~

  4. We had high wind warnings today, too, but thankfully they never materialized. Hopefully it worked out that way for you too! Jane

  5. Wow, we didn't get snow here in the u.p. Was cold and windy but no snow. So neat to see those freighters close up. Your rug is looking good, Janice. I'm going to be starting a huge one soon with a big saltbox cabin on it. Have a great day. Lori


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