Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Visit To The Detroit Zoo

Happy Sunday friends!
Thank you for all of the well wishes.
I have therapy 3 days a week for now.
Hopefully my shoulder will unthaw as Lauren stated.
Thanks Lauren for the laugh.

Yesterday we had a fun day at our local zoo
with the grands.

Mikayla sitting on a butterfly bench.
I cannot believe she will be 11 next month.
Where has the time gone?

The grizzly bear seriously looked like he
wanted us for lunch.

The tiger was sleeping in his den.

However the red Panda was active in the tree.

The lil monkey was so hilarious.
Doing acrobatic moves and jumping on his mom
and doing a black flip off of her.
He was a joy to watch.

The flamingos were gorgeous.
Plus we did not have to go to Florida to see them.
However we do like going to Florida.

These orange birds were lovely.

The weather was just right and the grands enjoyed
spending time with us.
We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant afterwards.
Breakfast this morning was waffles and sausage links.
We usually don't eat breakfast, so it was nice for a change.

I wanted to show you my Easter table.

The pink tulips were both my centerpiece,
and my gift to my mom.

My sister ended up gifted both my mom and I with 
the same color tulips.
Thanks Teresa. I know just where to plant mine.

I chose a flowery tablecloth for Spring.

With my white dishes.
The bowls were for salad.
The little square plates were for the dinner rolls.

I usually have two tables, but my brother did not come,
nor did my daughter. 
I was one table setting short....cannot add.
It was the joke for the day, as I had 7 people,
and the table was set for 6.
My son decided to sit and watch tv in the other room.
I was such a dufuss.

Off to catch up on blogs,
as the kids went home now.
Made a macaroni salad for later,
and Bob is going to fire up the grill for the first time
this season. BBQ pork chops. Cannot wait!

Did you have a fun Weekend?

Detroit Zoo Blessings To All!


  1. Beautiful pictures of zoo.. my son loves to visit zoos..

  2. Always a fun time at the zoo!
    Happy Sunday :)

  3. Hi Janice,
    Seeing your pictures of the zoo really brought back memories! We always went to the Toledo Zoo when we lived in MI and OH!!
    Glad you had a great time!! Your table is really pretty and I'm sure you had a lovely time!! The tulips are beautiful and will be nice to see again next year!!
    Glad therapy is helping!!
    Take care and enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. Visiting the zoo is always a fun outing and it looks like you had a beautiful spring like day too! I hope your shoulder gets better soon and I am happy that the therapist has a plan to do just that. Your Easter table was very pretty and tulips just made the final touch. Have a great week!


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