Sunday, July 22, 2012

It Was One Of Those Days

It was one of those days yesterday.
Thanks to every one's well wishes.
I was extremely busy at the shoppe.
Bob did great at the show.
The consensus from those I asked that came to the store...
More vendors next year and it was a good show!
I am so proud of my hubby for pulling this of in the short time he had.

Today is the final day,
so I hope all of the vendors do as good!

Yesterday I showed you the Windsor chair I was able to purchase.
Well there is a story to this chair that I forgot to tell.
It was one of those days.

I actually saw this same chair about four years ago.
In our state of Michigan,
we have an antique trail similar to the I27 one
that goes through Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky
 and on up to Michigan.
Our Michigan Trail starts were Bob and I live in Clay Township, MI
and goes all through our Thumb Region as it is called
up to Port Austin, Michigan.

It was one of those days.
Bob and I had our little truck that year.
We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies as the truck
 was filled as high as we could go.
We stopped at this one spot with all kinds of furniture
all set up in the woods.
We purchased a few things,
but I also spotted two Windsor chairs out there under a tree.
It was like they were calling out to me.
I immediately got the chills as I knew these were old.
I asked the couple in charge of their sale
how much for the chairs.
The wife said.
$600.00 for each.
Even though I knew that was a bargain,
my heart sank as we needed our money to buy items for the store.
I could not spend that much on one chair at that time.
It was one of those days.

That same Winter,
Bob and I joined the BWADA
Blue Water Antique Dealers Association.
At our fourth meeting,
that same couple came that owned the chairs.
I was shocked to find out they were in fact dealers themselves.
I asked about the chairs and she told me she decided to keep them.
It was one of those days.

Back to Friday.
That same  couple, Dave and Judy,
set up at our show in town.
when once again I spotted those Windsor chairs out there,
I had to go over and find out how much they were.

I could not believe my eyes when the price tag said
Wow, I was in shock again.
Now knowing Dave and Judy,
and telling her that I would like to purchase just the one chair
for my own home.
She said I could have my choice for $160.00
It came home with me.
It was one of those days!!!

Sunday Blessings to all!!

PS. tomorrow more pics of what we bought....

Take care,



  1. What a story Janice! You also told it very well.
    Glad you did well and I love that chair.
    Enjoy your day...I have to go hang laundry on the line.

  2. Things do have a way of working out! Aren't you glad you waited??? Enjoy, Dawn

  3. Well worth the wait, eh, Janice!? So glad you got the chair you loved!

  4. So glad you got the chair you wanted and for such a great price!

  5. Yikes...wish I would have "a day like that!" Awesome an incredible price.....I have chair envy....
    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Hello Janice, love the story behind the wonderful chair,was sure worth the wait. Can`t wait to see the other goodies. Blessings Francine.

  7. I LOVE the chair, you really scored.
    Great story behind the chair too.

    Enjoy your beautiful chair.

  8. Hi Janice!
    Seems like "one of those days" became "all's well that ends well" and it DEFINITELY DID!!! So happy for you!!
    Have a fabulous day!!
    Warm Blessings~~


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