Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

Well I am late with this post
but in my defense Bob and I woke up yesterday at 4am...
...and we went shopping.
Returned home at 9:00pm EST
 But did I  say
  our van was FULL

One of the pieces of furniture we were able to get.

An early cupboard from the 1800's
with original oyster paint, wavy glass and pegged doors.
An awesome piece in person.
Bob and I thought about keeping this beauty,
but alas we do not have any corners in our kitchen
for any corner cabinet unfortunately.
Therefore some lucky customer might be able to take this home.
More pics later...
On to the facts for this week.
1. Peter the Great executed his wife's lover,
then forced her to keep his head
in a jar of alcohol in her bedroom.
(I guess he proved his point)
2. Overall, women live longer than men by 5 years.
(Maybe that was why I married a younger man)
(Bob calls me a cougar...he is 5 years younger than me)

3. There is such a thing as a blue rabbit.
(This breed of rabbits are called Blue Blevins)

4. There was not a single pony in the Pony Express, just horses.
(Can you imagine if they had really used ponies...)

5. You are born with 300 bones
however when you get to be an adult
you only have 206.
(Geezs..I wonder what happened to them?)

That covers another Friday facts..on Saturday this week.
Tonight Bob and I are doing a redo of the store
adding our new things.
Will take pictures and post later.

Final note:
Please say a prayer for all those who lost their lives in this massive
tornado outbreak; and for those who also lost their homes
to these destructive storms.
My heart goes out to them, as when I was younger I witnessed
several tornadoes near my parents home one year.
So I know first hand what these storms are capable of doing.

Prim Blessings to all


  1. Lovely find! Can't wait to see the other goodies displayed.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Love the cabinet. Looking forward to seeing your other goodies.

  3. I love anything with wavy glass. Especially if it has bubbles in it too~ :)

  4. Beautiful cupboard!Can't wait to see the rest of the goodies.Hugs,Jen

  5. Love the corner cupboard, Janice! It'd be pretty in lots of rooms; not just a kitchen! Now, if only I had a bigger home with lots of corners.
    Rob is 4 years my junior - funny isnt't it how Bob and Rob both look older than us?? LOL! Don't tell Bob I said that!


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