Thursday, March 29, 2012

What The Heck Happened

2 weeks ago we received our store's water bill.
Usually the bill is $20 dollars each quarter,
however this time it was over $200.00
YIKES...well that's a nice way of putting it. LoL

Bob immediately went down in the basement and found
that the washer that hooks up to the meter was gushing water.

Then he noticed that the main beam and 22 joists were rotten
to the core...literally the main floor of our antique store was caving in.
YIKES!!! I wish I could tell you what we really were saying
Rhymes with HIT, CLAM and some other choice colorful words.

Fortunately Bob knew someone he could hire out
and he would help get it done.
Unfortunately they could not get the 20 Ft beam down the stairs,
therefore a hole had to be cut into the floor.

The original cut into the tiled floor was 17 ft by 2 ft.
Underneath the tile was about 2 inches of cement.
Then they found more damage, so they had to cut another
4ft by 5ft to repair those joists.

We are just so thankful that the floor did not cave in
while we were open, and no one lost their merchandise.

Since our vendors pay us rent, we are going to compensate them
for the days that we are closed...but it is killing us to even have the store
closed for one day..and its been 3 days now.

So for all of my blogging friends who shop our store,
I just want to let you know that we are closed for now.
Bob and the contractor have been working 15 to 18 hours a day trying to get this done.
Bob is hoping to get done tomorrow to be open by Saturday...
but right now that's a big
Its a big project, but to quote Bob:
"Once this floor is done, a truck can drive over it."

We were suppose to go to a prim show in Breckenridge
Saturday morning...
but we have to play it by ear now....
I will be so disappointed if we cannot go,
but the store needs to come first.

Spring Blessings to all
PS. We had snow falling this morning here in our neck of the woods.
Another YIKES!!!



  1. Hi Janice,oh my goodness,thats not a good thing,hope everything works out for you. Thats one mean water bill. Good Luck,Blessings Francine.

  2. So sorry to hear your bad news Janice, but I too am thankful no one got hurt. I hate it for the huge water bill, but thanks to the bill, you found the leak. Our ice maker went bad one time when we were off on a trip, and we came home to the downstairs flooded. Had to replace all the flooring and carpet and covering in the kitchen. I beg Mr. P. to cut the water off when we travel now. Sure don't want that to happen ever again. Hope it gets fixed soon and you are back in business. Crossing my fingers Bob will be thru and feel like going to the show on Saturday.

  3. Oh Janice! I can't imagine. It sounds like you & hubby have a handle on the situation and are not letting it hold you down. Way to go! Hope you can go to the show! ~*~Lisa

  4. So sorry for all your troubles...hope today goes well and that you are up and running Saturday.

  5. Oh no! Sorry for your problems. Hope everything is fixed soon and business will be back to normal!

  6. So sorry, will say a prayer for you and Bob that the job gets done like yesterday, the store reopens now and you get to shop at Breckenridge!

  7. So sorry to hear all that bad news Janice. Hope you get it all fixed up and the store is opened back up in no time!!!
    Hang in there!
    Prim Blessings

  8. Oh yikes! Guess I should have started my catch-up from the bottom up - then I would have known why you were putting a new floor in. Major bummer - but glad Bob got it fixed and you're ready to rock and roll again. Life - sometimes you gotta love it; other times, not so much..... ;o Robin


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