Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Montage Spring Containers

Before I show off some Spring,
this is what I had to drive in this morning.

This picture does not really show it very good.
As the old adage goes...the fog was as thick as pea soup.
I could see maybe 2 car lengths in front of me
the whole stretch of the river to work;
which is about 30 miles....not fun.
Plus they are telling us that it will be foggy both night and morning
for the next three days around here. YUK. 

Onto the Montage.
I believe if something has a hole in it,
use it as a container..
except sometimes I feel like my head has a hole in it at times,
so I do not think it would be wise to try and stick something in that. LOL

Here are some of my spring containers.
An early tin paint can filled with some daisies

Industrial Springs

Grape Hyacinths in a milk bottle.
Yellow Forsythia in a salt glaze crock.
Lavender in another milk bottle.

Pink flowers in another salt glaze crock.
If anyone knows what these are, please let me know.

Tulips and Delphiniums in a bean pot.

Finally a sure sign of Spring
is my sister's homemade Easter Candy!

Its so hard being at the store and not grabbing some...

My big kittie Tanner was mad that I forgot to do Friday Facts last week.
He wanted me to let you know, that if he could have got on the tablet,
he would have done it himself.  ;-)

I promise not to forget this Friday Tanner.

Spring Blessings to all!



  1. I love all your container floral arrangements! Soooo pretty :)

  2. Great pics...thanks for sharing.

  3. Turner looks so serious! LOL! I definitely need to get some spring picks - what a great way to brighten things up! Your sister's Easter candy is so unique-it wouldn't last long with me around! Thanks for sharing Janice! ~*~Lisa

  4. Beautiful spring containers!!!
    Turner is precious!
    Be careful driving to work this week ~ I hate driving in fog.
    Prim Blessings

  5. Such pretty blooms.Tanner so handsome! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Love your containers and your flowers Janice. And of course Tanner is the most handsome fellow!! I hate driving in fog. So scarey. Be careful. Hope you are haivng a great Spring Day.

  7. Hope the fog has lifted Janice - I love it, as long I don't have to drive in it!! Your containers are beautiful - and so full of spring. I love those salt glaze crocks....don't know what made me drool more - those or that wonderful candy.... Yikes!! Glad to hear that Tanner isn't just another pretty face - he likes his history and trivia too! ;o) Smiles & Spring Hugs ~ Robin

  8. That fog was something else, wasn't it!? I HATE driving in that muck. Spring has sprung - Yeah!!!


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