Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where Do They Go

I miss the freighters this time of year.
But alas I know the ships crews deserve a much needed rest.
But I still miss them...
So where to they go when they are not travelling
our Great Lakes you ask?
Well this is what they do.
I was a little too far away for this pic it seems.

This is where some of the Canadian freighter lines lay up for Winter.
Across the St Clair River in Sarnia, Canada.

 Quite a few...could not even count them all.
This past Monday, I decided to grab some lunch
 and eat by the bridge in Port Huron.
I could have parked right under the bridge...
but it kind of creeped me out.
Each span is a one way across into Sarnia, Canada.
Another pic of the spans.
This where I usually park and watch the freighters
The bridge is called the Blue Water Bridge.
Can you tell why?  ;o)
At night it is lit with blue lights.
Past the bridge is the mouth of Lake Huron.
The rushing water where the lake meets the river just past the bridge
causes many whirlpools and the current is very strong.
Too strong to swim in.
All of the freighters lay up in different parts along the Great Lakes.
We are fortunate to have some lay up close to us...
Cannot wait for them to start their stacks up again!!
But for now
This is where they go....

On another note,
I was saddened to hear that Davy Jones passed on today.
I am showing my age now. LoL
For those of you who do not know Davy Jones,
he was the lead singer for the Monkees.
I loved their tv show and their songs!
My favorite being
"I'm A Believer"

One of my memories of the Monkees
was when I went on my high school junior trip to Boston.
There were only 10 of us that went
 plus our 4 chaperones.
We were walking down one of the main streets
and one of the shoppes was playing a Monkees song.
After passing the store, we all decided to do what the Monkees
did at the beginning of their show.
We started singing
Here We Come
Walking Down The Street...
and walked like they did.
Not something I would be caught doing now...but funny at the time.
Anyway you will be missed Davy. 

Prim Blessings to all


  1. I have traveled very little. It is nice to see the area where you are from. The bridge is really something to see. Blessings!

  2. Where have all the freighters gone...long time passing...where have all the freighters gone...long time ago....thanks Janice, I didn't know this! The Mackinac Island ferry boats winter in our river. Heard about Davy - love love the Monkees! I guarantee there are many a woman walking down memory lane tonight. ~*~Lisa

  3. Beautiful Pics Janice!!!
    Looks like a wonderful place to visit!!!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Hi, Janice:
    Lovely photos of the water and the bridge. It kind of reminds me of the bridge over to Cape Cod.
    I was in love with Davy Jones and watched The Monkees t.v.

  5. Hi Janice,
    Wonderful husband is a runner and would love to run that bridge. Me? I'd like to sit right there by that lovely river and watch those clouds float by! Thanks for sharing,


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