Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Facts/ Store Update/ Swap Update

I have much to say today,
so here goes....
First today's Friday Fun Facts are as follows~
1. There is a museum dedicated to salt and pepper shakers.
It is in Gatlinburg, TN for anyone interested in visiting.
2. The Mayans never specifically predicted that "The world is ending December 2, 2012."
Bob tells me constantly that the world is ending this year...
So my comeback for him when I want something for the house
really, really bad...
"But honey I have to buy it, the world is going to end."  LoL

3. Hawaiian Islands are born when Mother Earth had sex with Father Sky according to Hawaiian lore. 
In the story of creation, Wakea (Father Sky)
who is partner to Papahanumoka (Mother Earth)
gave birth to the islands.
Hawai'i is their hiapo, or eldest child.

4. The steam from a cup of coffee contains the same amount of antioxidants as three oranges,
 which helps prevent cancer and heart disease.
I love the smell of coffee in the morning...
but do not like to drink it. How about you?

5. Only about 2% of the world population have green eyes.
Both Bob and I have blue eyes, so that counts us out.

That does it for another week...
Boy has it been a crazy one.

Next on my agenda today is a few pics of the goodies that will be in the store tomorrow.
I did not have time to make a lot of Easter items,
so fair warning to those who are waiting for me to bring them in.

Prim bunny with carrot.
Prim Fabric Eggs

This cute little prim bunny is a pattern from one of my dear blogging buddies Lisa.
Please visit Lisa's blog at
Lisa can you tell what I forgot to add from your pattern :-)

Lastly, Bob has been sick this week, so unfortunately my bunny swap goodies
did not get mailed out to Ellie who was my swap partner.
I am so sorry Ellie...I am going to mail out your goodies tomorrow morning,
since our local Post Office is not open before and after I get out of work.
Ellie sent me some wonderful goodies that I received in the mail yesterday.
I will post next week for sure. I am hoping you will like what I made for you especially!
In the meantime, please visit Ellie at her sweet blog

Take care everyone!


  1. Hi janice!
    Well if your going to the Breckenridge show i sure hope I get to meet you!
    I am going for sure and my sister will be with me and my friend Lucille.
    Did you here the Simple Goods Show is back on!
    Have a good weekend Janice.

    1. I honesly did not know the Simple Goods show was off. Unfortunately we never get to go to that one,cause it is always the same weekend as our antique clubs antiques show.

  2. Love the fun facts ~ I'm like you love the smell of coffee but don't drink it. I'm not part of the 2% either ~ I have hazel.
    All your spring creations are wonderful~ Love the bunnies!
    Hope Bob feels better soon.
    Have a great weekend!
    Prim Blessings

    1. Thanks Robin, Bob is feeling better now. You have a great weekend too!

  3. Did you forget the whiskers?

  4. I love coffee, can't start my day without it. I loved reading all the fun facts too. And I do have green eyes. I just picked up those same salt and pepper shakers yesterday at a thrift store. Are they old? I liked them because of the glass bottoms.
    Country at heart

    1. Yes, the salt and pepper shakers are old, and are from the 1940's. Great find at the thrift store!

  5. Hah! I guessed the whiskers too Janice - lol - LOVE how it turned out! Sorry your hubby is sick-hope he is better very soon. Love how you have your eggs pkg'd up. Also love the smell of coffee - I'm off for my 2nd cup right now! ~*~Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa! The next time I will remember to add the whiskers. :-) Bob is better today...thank goodness, he was getting a little cranky. lol

  6. Glad you like the goodies I sent. Love your facts. I have hazel(green) eyes and so did my hubby. Both our sons have blue eyes (one very light blue and the other almost royal. Both sides of our families had blue, hazel & a few brown).
    Glad Bob is feeling better.

  7. Your bunnies and eggs are ADORABLE Janice!! Once again bemoaning the fact that you're not closer....Hugs ~ Robin


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