Monday, February 12, 2024

Winter On The River

Good morning friends.
Today's post is what 
our St Clair River
should look like in the Winter.

By now we would have ice in our mighty river.
These pics were taken last year.

The freighters passing would have ice on them.

The Winter ducks would have moved in
with ice covering the nearby lake.
No ice in Lake St Clair either.

There had been years where the freighters 
would get stuck in the ice.
We would have a traffic jam in the river.
Nope not this year.
No ice.
No ducks.
Not even many freighters.
Without the ducks, no bald eagles.
They follow their food source.
Am I sad...yes a bit.
I enjoy seeing the colorful ducks.
I also enjoy seeing the bald eagles.
This has been a weird Winter.
No snow on the ground.
However there have been years like this before.
There is always next year.

In other news,
Saundra from Woodland Junction
asked me if it was flax in my rye basket.
Yes it was.
When I did prim shows I used it for my dolls hair.
Now it is getting harder for me to find,
so I now use raw wool.

 Carla's from the
River Flowing Blog 
Commented the other day that her cousin was
under a tornado warning.
I saw the devastation on tv 
of what that tornado did, so hoping her
cousin is alright. 

Friday the temp got up t0 64.
It did nor last long, but it was nice.

Closing at the title company is Thursday.
Bob and I went over to the building
on Friday to decide what to do with
the remaining items left.

Well have to drive to work now.
Hopefully your week starts out good for you.

Winterless River Blessings To All!


  1. It really is a crazy winter! It made it to 56 here on Friday and the Grand River by us is with no ice too.
    Have a great week!

  2. Yes, very weird weather this year. I actually miss it too - the snow not the below zero wind chills. Have a great week.

  3. Good morning, I think the weather across the usa is not normal this year. my friend that lives in Montana near Yellowstone has very little snow this winter too which is very unusual and she lives at the base of a mountain range. Have a good day at work

  4. No ice on the freighters.
    I read firefighters instead of freighters. lol
    Stay Warm!

  5. You all are going to get used to these warmer winters! If you want snow, it’s here in our California mountains! But there’s nothing unusual about that. That’s where we get our water. Here in the valley we’re getting a generous rainy season. Year two of drought busting rains which is a blessing. It will be interesting if you all will be entering a drought with such a warm winter and how it will affect your summer. There’s always consequences with these dry winters. We know. Droughts = Forest fires.
    It’s too bad that droughts make for such nice warm winters.

  6. Hello,
    Update on my cousin, she is alright. A farm lost two barns, a cow and goat milking shed.
    No human casualties, praise God.

    We saw that people started to tap trees for Maple Syrup... a new record tapping date for the books!!!

  7. Yes, a strange winter indeed. As was the one a few years ago where we had record-setting snows and buildings were collapsing because of it. Like you've said, it has happened before and it will happen again. "Strange" is all part of the cycle. As for me, I'm trying to just appreciate the "break." ~Robin~

  8. It's been a different winter here as well. Like spring weather. Easier on the power bill.
    I hope everything goes well at the closure on Thursday.
    Take care and stay well. Spring is not far away and Valentine Day is knocking at our door. HAPPY VALENTINE, Janice.

    Hugs, Julia

  9. It has been a very different winter here too. Our big lakes never iced over completely very very unusual. We have had temps in the 60s and lots of high 30 I do not remember one night below 0 which we usually get. We do have snow on the ground but with the recent temps it is melting.
    No snowshoeing this year or winter hiking I am ready for spring.

  10. Well I totally agree - it is a warm winter here in Georgia too. I miss a little cold weather.

  11. We usually don't have snow, ice, and below zero temperatures. However, during January and beginning of February , we had some very cold days. Hopefully, the cold won't return!
    Good Luck, Janice, with closing the shop on Thursday!

  12. Very strange winter, indeed, but no complaints from me ;-)
    Praying the closing goes as planned.

  13. Good morning Janice. Cold and blustery here today too. Snow is coming. Say warm my friend.

  14. Janice, it does seem strange that you have no ice on the river. Times they are a-changing..Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day..xxoJudy


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