Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Whippy Wednesday

Hello friends!
Today I want to share my progress
with a few of my WIP's.
Starting with
Smell My Feet.

I went with a variegated orange and purple
floss for the witch socks.
I love how the variegation looks;
especially the purple where is goes 
from dark to light and medium.
Same with the orange.
I also used a variegated black and orange
for the lettering.
Now remember this is a free pattern from
La D Da,
so you can choose to use any colors you would like.
I have seen the socks in green, plain orange
and black and orange.

Next up is Catherine Dickenson.
This will be my first sampler 
with my relatives names on it.
Doing this one for my maternal grandparents
and great grandparents.

I finished the last motif and am working
on my great grandparents names.
This should be completed by month end.
Then off to the framer it goes.

Winter Saltbox is my stitch at work
piece while at lunch.
This one may get put aside now...
as I want to start one of the Spring Saltboxes. 

Finally Block four is complete
on Halloween at Hawk Run Hallow.
I finished this block the evening of February 23rd.
I call it the bats in the belfry block.
This one took me 10 evenings,
 and two Saturdays to complete.

Here were the first two in case you missed them.

Blocks three and four now.

I will iron once all completed.
Block five will go under block one,
and then across I go again.
As Spring and Summer approach,
am not sure if I will be able to keep
my goal of one block a month.
We will see.
Block five is also not one of my favorites,
so again I will have to push myself.

In other news,
Sunday night we went to dinner with
my daughter and Mikalya,
"the world traveler" as I call her now.
Gosh she had so many stories to tell us.
She will start sending me pics so I can 
try and do posts of each country.
We talked so much we hardly ate. LOL

We live in a fairly small city.
If you believe the border is closed
you are highly mistaken.
Last week our police pulled over a stolen car.
In it were 2 illegals.
One they were able to arrest, the other one
is still on the loose.
Makes me cringe that this administration
is letting in all of these folks.
Border Patrol here now are finding more
now than ever.
Our city paper reports all of the police stops.
Crime is on the rise here as well.
It is so sad.

Well looks like I will be driving 
in a thunderstorm this morning.
One already rolled in after 1:00 this morning.
Tundra barks constantly as he hates the thunder.

Hump Day Blessings To All!


  1. Good morning, Happy Hump Day You have beautiful projects going-love your work. It makes me uneasy with so many illegals in our country do to Biden. I just read an article online this week about how Biben is coming up with something to allow them all to vote-that's what my husband has been saying all along-that's how they want to continue to control our country-sad to watch especially for our veterans.
    Have a good day hugs from the lake Kathy

  2. I LOVE all those Halloween pieces. BTW, there are two hooked pattern versions of Trick or Treat and Smell My Feet sold by Spruce Ridge Studios under Lori Brechlin designs.
    Most countries are emptying their jails and sending there worst. Other than China who is sending their smartest to prepare for what they have planned. Have you ever considered what would happen if the 'power grid' or satellite systems were destroyed?

  3. I'm loving your works in progress! And just delighted you can spend time with your daughter. That's so special. Don't start me on immigration. There's a bill out there that is being ignored -- the most comprehensive immigration bill ever proposed -- and the speaker won't even bring it to the floor for political reasons. It's not this administration that is slowing things down. Pass the bill and a lot would change and soon.

  4. I love them...the colors are perfect. What a great way to spend these gray days! Did you get tornado warnings this morning? Nothing like the screech of the alarm at 5:30 - luckily no damage, but scary. Can't wait to see pix from the World Traveler! What a wonderful experience for her...a trip to always remember!

  5. Your stitcheries are wonderful Janice! Love that family sampler...and, of course, Halloween at Hawk Run. Like I said, I love all the Hawk Run designs but am too chicken to take them on. Yes, the immigration issue is destroying this country...and those who say that it's congress's fault and more money is needed is BS.... Simply reinstating the executive orders that were in place when the new administration took over would resolve a great many problems...especially the Remain in Mexico policy and Title 42. Most of the money in the proposed legislation would have gone to other countries - what would have gone here would only facilitate more people entering. And, yes, crime is creeping in all over. The dealership I got my current vehicle at was robbed a few days ago...A bunch of "young men" broke in and smashed through the doors stealing 9 vehicles. What the heck. Weather is strange here too...We had 60ยบ yesterday afternoon...then last night a cold front blew in on gale-force winds with snow and we had a windchills in the minus double digits. Brrr. ~Robin~

  6. Love all your Wonderful Cross stitch projects ! Will be so nice to have them all done !

  7. Hi, catching up... thank you for sharing about your granddaughter. I will enjoy posts from her trip. :-)
    I have family in Texas... they are doing a neighborhood watch. They set it up after an awful murder in the community by an illegal hiding in a cabin.
    Our country is falling apart, my heart breaks daily.

    Do you have border patrol on the river?

    1. It is! Falling apart, by design I might add. Who is protecting Americans? Not our government. Not to mention the sex traffic industry of children. SICK

  8. You are a fast stitcher. All are lovely but the sampler with the family names is so special!
    So happy Mikayla had a wonderful trip and made so many memories.
    The border is not closed? What a shock!!! Mayorcas says it is and our government wouldn't lie to us, would they?

  9. Love all your stitch work! So lovely and so cute! Of course the Halloween ones are great but how nice to have family names stitched in for remembering. Our weather was nasty yesterday but very sunny but cold on this extra day today!

  10. Great project to have family names stitched in for remembrance!
    Looking forward to pictures from Mikalya's travels!

  11. Your projects are wonderful!
    Our country is going to Hell...literally. There's no going back now. We are done. I hate to say, just thinking about a few months from now....if this keeps up....I now lock my doors when I'm home and I live in the middle of rural farm land. Not just for illegal crime - we have drug crime here too. Just last year an older gentleman not too far from me, we killed in his garage. He opened it to drive in and someone came in before he could close the door and robbed him. This is a rural area...BTW! I never thought I'd lock my doors and be so on guard - but, I am now.


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