Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Pops Of Red

Hello friends.
A little late showing you
my Valentine's decor.
Hope you enjoy.
All of the handmades are mine
created through the years.
The pop up paper Valentine's are antique ones.


Oops forgot these were made by
a blogger who no longer blogs.

This is an antique heart cookie cutter.

In other news,
Mikayla my granddaughter
had a great time in Germany.
She did not like the sauerkraut though.
She said it was too sour.
She sent us pictures of a castle tour she went on.
It was massive.

She loves to collect rubber ducks.
While in Prague, she visited a store  called the
Duck Boutique which was completely
full of ducks in all sizes.
She was in heaven.
Cannot wait to see what she brings home. 

Am loving my stitchy progress 
of my current projects.
I have 7 in rotation.
Nashville market is around the corner,
and there are a few new cross stitch releases
I would like to purchase.
Will see.

I had yesterday off so it was a longer weekend
for me.
Had to go to the dentist and now have to see
an oral surgeon to remove my wisdom teeth.

Well have to get my butt to fixin dinner.
BBQ pork sandwiches with French Fries.

Pops Of Red Blessings To All!


  1. Lovely antique Valentines cards, and always love to see that hooked cabin. I love sauerkraut but might not like the real German style but never had it so can't say.

  2. Ugh is right on the wisdom teeth. I had mine taken out as a teenager. They were impacted and 2 were grow sideways. Glad that is behind me. I hope you can share your granddaughter’s photos. I’d love to see that duck boutique.

  3. You have lots of fun things! I love the old cookie cutter and the vintage cards.
    Glad your granddaughter is having a good time. The duck boutique sounds fun!
    Yuck on the wisdom teeth removal!

  4. Those are all so nice. I just love your primitives! I spied a new piece I never saw in your pictures. It is under the log cabin wool rug - omg I love it - redish with crocks in it. BBQ pork sounds delish!

  5. Oh Janice, this is so full of love! I especially love your vintage valentines. Sorry about the wisdom teeth, though!

  6. Thank you - it was a pleasure admiring your handiwork. Pretty hearts for example, also the cookie cutter. I love.
    My white teeth are out a long time ago, thanks to my dentist - he said "better now than later" - so all the best for you.
    I'm sewing on the sewing machine today, it's really fun to work on the beautiful colorful fabric.
    A warm greeting to you from Viola

  7. Lovely hearts! The cookie cutter has a really nice shape
    Prayers wisdom teeth goes well

  8. You really have some fun old pop-up's! And you've found perfect places to tuck them in. I really should look for mine one of these years. Other beautiful touches of red as well with your handmades...and as Jacky noted, with some of your antique pieces. I've never been a fan of sauerkraut...although I do like to cook my country style pork ribs with it. Gives them a wonderful flavor. ~Robin~

  9. Thank you for sharing about your Granddaughters travels, so much fun to hear about. :-)
    Sending a hug for your upcoming procedure. OUCH!!!

  10. Love all the vintage pop-up Valentines!
    The shelf with the leather-bound books is always a favorite of mine.
    I don't like any sauerkraut so I'm with your granddaughter. Happy she had a great time.
    7 wips. You are much worse than me but good for you!!!

  11. lovely, lovely , valentine decor! I love those heart shaped pillows! How fun for your granddaughter to visit Germany. Hope your oral surgery goes well.

  12. Always such loveliness in how you decorate! The old pop of Valentines are always so pretty! I love the heart shaped pillows.

  13. Love your pretty antique Valentines !
    A store in Germany filled with Ducks !!! Too funny !!! In Belfast ,Maine they had 3 huge ones on a raft last summer floating in the Harbor , was so cute !!!
    Good Luck with your Wisdom teeth !

  14. Love the photos,you have a way with your displays. Glad your granddaughter enjoyed Germany and found a store from which she could add to her duck collection. Cant wait to see your finished projects. I was put out for my wisdom teeth extraction. In no time it was over. Just follow their instructions afterward

  15. I love red and you know how to display all the cute things! I can see why you have a store! I can't believe she actually found a duck store! That made me laugh. It will be fun to see what she brings home. Have a good weekend...the last one of this month...whew! On to Spring!


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