Friday, November 17, 2023

Repurposing An Old Quilt

Hello again my dear friends.

What does one do when you have a quilt
that has been much loved but no longer
able to fix?
I had such a quilt that was 30% messed up.
I decided to re-purpose it into something else.  

I drew a candy cane template.
Started cutting that quilt up,
along with some quilt batting
plus warm & natural batting. 

Placing the three in layers,
with the warm & natural on the bottom
I pinned all around and then hand stitched,
stuffing as I went along.

With this vintage quilt, I decided to use
vintage pins in my vintage tomato pin holder.

This was the Valdani I was using.
A thief decided to get into it on my table one night.
This is what I found on the floor in the morning.
Am pretty sure Shadow knocked it off the table,
but unsure if he or Tundra decided to turn
 it into this mess.
Neither one would confess to it.
I ended up having to straighten it up 
before I could continue to stitch.

I sewed a hanger to the back to hang.

This is what the back looks like.

As you can see, there is some minor damage to this one.
Each one I created, I tried to cut with as little damage
as I could, but I think a bit just gives it more character.
What do you think?
More are for sale in our gift shop right now.

In other news,
this is the progress on my little bird. 
(I may get it completed before Christmas)
Am loving this little stitch piece.

Also please pray for my FIL.
He was in serious accident on Monday.
He remains in the ER with a brain bleed,
broken left hand and wrist plus broken ribs.
With his COPD, he was already having a hard
time breathing, but now it is worse with his
broken ribs.
The doctors are unsure how to proceed
with fixing his hand as he may not
wake up if they put him under for surgery.
Bob thinks they should just try and put a cast
on it and call it a day.
Of course he wants to go home....
because he cannot smoke in the hospital.
He does not care about anything else
right now, except for getting his fix in.
I cannot judge as I do not smoke.
but one would think if the doctors
say quit smoking and you will live longer.
you would quit. He did not.
Bob does not feel sorry for him in that respect.
Am just glad we do not smoke.

I will be headed up to see my mom today
after work.
Will take her out for dinner and spend some 
quality time with her.
She will come down next week for Thanksgiving.

Bob is going all in on finishing
the beams in our back room.
Fingers crossed it will be done next week. 
Am itching to decorate it for Christmas.
I did start on the tree since it was already in there.
The rest of my home is already done,
except for the kitchen, which I plan on doing
tomorrow when I get back from my moms.
I want to be able to enjoy the season longer.
Have you started putting out your Christmas decor?

Old Quilt Blessings To All!


  1. I used to purchase cutter quilts from the thrift store to make dolls, doll clothing and other items. Of course always went to the ones which had the most red in them for some reason.
    Back in the day I used to smoke 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes per day and one day just quit cold turkey. My mother, however, was just like your FIL and I couldn't understand why she wouldn't quit because I knew the addiction too; she smoked until about a week before she died at the age of 83.

  2. Sorry about your FIL, both the accident and the refusal to quit smoking. Hope they figure out how to fix him up, and he's soon on the mend.
    I like your candy canes. I have a quilt that's 50% gone (used between mattress and springs?) that I can't throw out, but am intimidated on how to salvage. The fact that it's very thin fabric all over, and very pale yellow and white don't help.
    The indoor decoration swap from fall/Thanksgiving to winter/Christmas will not, does not ever, happen until the weekend after Thanksgiving at the earliest. Depending on weather outlook, DH will put up outdoor stuff any time the last week of November.
    Have a good time with your Mom!

  3. The candy cane is a brilliant idea for the quilt. Well done and darling. Sending good vibes for your FIL. I hope he can go home soon. No Christmas decor yet -- but a week from today (maybe even Thursday) I'll be in power mode!

  4. I love that you are repurposing that quilt, and the candy cane is perfect for it!
    Your cross stitch is looking good too.
    Sorry about your FIL. I hope he is soon able to get home. I'm with your Bob - put a cast on it!
    I need to start a little decorating, good for you on what you have done!

  5. When one is creative like you are, repurposing doesn't pose a special problem.
    Wishing your FIL a quick recovery (Having COPD and keeping on smoking , is putting his health in danger).

  6. Such sweet candy canes. I'm sure the quilt maker(s) would be glad to see their stitches lives on. Prayers for your FIL...He's had a rough go of it lately. Enjoy your time with your mum. Halloween still up here....Had I known I'd feel like this, it would have never gone up. In any event, my Christmas never went up until after Thanksgiving. I'm kinda old school that way. ~Robin~

  7. Sending hugs and prayers for your FIL.
    Have fun with your mom. I love the relationship you have.
    We will decorate for Christmas next weekend. This year Sam is home for Christmas and he is coming to help decorate the tree next Sunday. :-) Feeling very blessed he is home this season.

  8. I will certainly pray for your FIL.
    What a terrific idea for the use of the old quilt.
    No Christmas decorations up here yet.

  9. The candy canes are prim perfection!
    Prayers for your FIL.
    Christmas decorating begins for me after Thanksgiving ;-)

  10. I am loving your candy canes from the old quilt-very fun. so sorry about your FIL when people start smoking when they were kids very difficult for them to stop-my husband started super young but he grew up in Chicago-it was a struggle but he was able to quit early on in our marriage. hoping your FIL will recover .
    My poor husband is still bed ridden complications from things I don't decorate much, I have a little mini tree from Balsam Hill that I dig out once in awhile and decorate with memorable ornaments I may do that this year.
    Happy weekend hugs

  11. I'm sorry about all the misery that your father in law is going through. Smoking sure doesn't help is COPD. For some people it is more challenging to quit smoking. Nicotine is as addictive as cocaine.I hope he'll be able to get a cast on his hand and go home.

    Take care, Hugs,

  12. Such pretty candy canes - a great idea, and I love that you saved an old quilt to repurpose. I'm sorry to read about your father in's always so hard when things like that happen - I will be sending good thoughts your way. Remember to take care of you as's hard on the family, too. No decorating here yet, picking up the tree Saturday - you know, before the "Big Game!" (ha, ha)


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