Saturday, November 25, 2023

A Vintage Christmas

Hello friends.
Hope everyone was able to enjoy
their Thanksgiving with family/ friends.
Today's pics are of our gift store.
This year's theme was a vintage Christmas.
Hope you enjoy.

In other news,
Bob's dad sadly passed away
Monday morning after I posted my last post.
We have been in a fog these past days.
Neither Bob's brother or sister made it on time
to see him before he passed.
We have been going through his things
each day before they have to leave again.
Bob's brother left for Texas last night.
His sister is leaving later today for Florida.
It was nice seeing them, but not under
these circumstances. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
We might get some snow tomorrow.
Tundra is loving this colder weather now.

Vintage Christmas Blessings To All!


  1. Good morning, I am sooo sorry about your loss if sadder during the holidays.
    On a happier note I Loveeeee your shop if I lived close I would be visiting your store for sure. hugs from the lake Kathy

  2. Your candy canes and crochet socks look adorable. Sorry about your FIL, particularly during a holiday.

  3. The store looks lovely, I especially like the Santa on the phone picture. Sorry about Bob's dad.

  4. Sincere condolences on the passing of your FIL! May his soul rest in peace!
    Before Christmas, I usually have eyes mainly for trees and Santas, and like all of them.

  5. I'm so sorry about your lost just before the Holidays. My condolences to you and Bob and all the family. It puts a damper on celebrations for sure. The settling of estate after a death also can be difficult.
    Your vintage Christmas decorations brings back some old memories.

    I'll be thinking of you and Bob during these difficult times.

  6. Sympathy for the loss of Bob's father
    Be good to yourselves

  7. Oh so sorry about Bob's dad.
    Enjoyed all the vintage decorations.

  8. I am so sorry for father in laws passing. Sad news. Thinking of you both,it has been a rough year. The shop looks beautiful as always. I will be in soon to pick up items I had you set aside. Sending warm comforting hugs

  9. Your store and displays are just charming -- so entrancing, I can't help but think they draw a grand crowd.

  10. So sorry to hear Bob's Dad passed away. My Dad passed away 47yrs ago on Nov. 18th and I know how hard the coming holidays will be for you both. Your store has amazing vintage items! Love those bottle brushes! I hope small business day on Saturday had every one of those items sold!

  11. Sending prayers for your family.
    I love the nutcrackers!! Do you use real tinsel on the tree? I have not seen tinsel in years.

  12. so sorry for your family's loss of Bob's father. Prayers for you . How wonderful and sweet are your vintage Christmas decorations!

  13. I just love your vintage Christmas decorating! Each piece is wonderful! So very sorry for your family's loss.


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