Monday, August 29, 2022

Late To The Party

 Well late to the garden party.
Most folks have been showing their gardens
this year and I am late doing mine.
Well I dont have much of a garden,
but here goes.

These Bluebeard shrubs were the ones 
we planted this Spring.
They bloom from late Spring until frost.
I love them!

My butterfly bush did not grow as big this year.
We did not have much rain this year and
it was hard for me to find time to water everything.
THe weeds managed to still grow though.

I planted these sky blue morning glory seeds
in the Spring as well.
They have grown like a weed, but no flowers yet.
Hmmm...hoping there will be flowers before frost.

Those who know me know I love bunnies!

The zinnias were so vibrant this year.
Loved them!

Well speaking of being late to the garden party,
it reminded me of the actual garden parties
I use to go with my mom and aunt in her
small town.
The garden club ladies hosted this yearly.
We enjoyed herbal teas, and petit sandwiches.
Some of the ladies even dressed like those
from the 1800's.

They also had ice cream socials 
when the strawberries were in season.

Wish I could have really went to a garden party
or an ice cream social back then.

I have been in a funk for a bit.
It is so hard running a small business.
You put your heart and soul into it,
and even then that is not good enough.

I had a lady come in and accuse me of
practicing witchcraft.
She was mad that I had for sale some 
Ouija boards.
When trying to explain these were not real,
just a Halloween decoration,
she huffed and puffed out of the store.
I myself am afraid of the real ones.
Bob brought one home one time and I made
him keep it in the van. 

Had another lady come yesterday
that was upset I did not have the jigsaw puzzle
she wanted anymore
We carry US made White Mountain puzzles.
When I tried to explain that the company
only sells so many puzzles and then
they retire them for new ones...
her response was well why did you not purchase more?
My response was, I purchase what I can,
and I just dont know what everyone wants.
[wanted to say that I am not a mind reader]
[wanted to say well you should have bought it before]

I came home telling Bob I dont want the gift shop anymore.
I know that was just me being in a funk,
yet it is so hard to plan 12 months in advance
for Christmas and 6 month for Halloween
as to what folks will want to purchase.
It is not an easy task.
Orders have to be in that early, 
otherwise no merchandise at all.
I came home and did not even want to work
on my crafts last night...which is so not me.

Well have to get back to my real job now.
Still working from home which is a good thing!
Hope you have a great week my friends!
Sorry for unloading on you.

Late To The Party Blessings To All!


  1. People can be awful. I had a message on my phone at 2:30 am this morning - good thing I had it turned off - "do you know anyone who would pick up old scrap metal?" 2:30 am!! Annoying!!! Keep doing what gives you joy and ignore the rest...I now I'm saying it to myself as well....ahahha

  2. There will always be THOSE people but thankfully most aren't like that. When vending at shows (back in the day) I also had my share of negative argumentative people. Keep on going on and hope the spell THOSE people put on you fades away quickly.

  3. I'm sorry for having had such a bad day yesterday. People are so greedy and selfish and only think of their own wants.
    I ran my own business at one time and for the most part I had wonderful customers but there's always a rotten apple in the barrel.

    I can't give you advice but I hope that you'll have a better day today and that someone will give you some renewed energy.

    Your garden is lovely. I never heard of Bluebeard bush and had to look it up on Google.
    Take care, hugs,

  4. So sorry people don't know how to be civil. You shop is wonderful and like any other store large or small only so much inventory is stocked and when its gone its gone. Don't let them get you down. Hang in there. Prayers for you and Bob

  5. Never too late to share garden inspiration! I've not seen Bluebeard Shrubs, but I'm always looking to add blue to my gardens, I'll have to find some. And it's too bad we don't live closer...I would really enjoy an ice cream social or garden party, I love the old-fashioned ways, sadly there aren't too many kindred spirits for that though. You know, maybe I should just plan one and see what happens. I remember reading about someone who threw a party and the theme was the year her house was built...that could be fun!

    And oh the grouchy people - they can just ruin a day. There's always somebody who thinks nothing of being just pain rude. They have no idea of the time, effort, planning, and trying to anticipate what will be a successful sale you've put in to the shop. I'm sorry it happened, I know it's hurtful.

  6. My cardinal climbers just yesterday started blooming. It seems very late for them this year too, so hopefully your morning glory will start soon. Of course nothing delays their cousin the bindweed from blooming on schedule and vigorously.
    I've not heard of bluebeard shrubs before. I think I need to study up on them, I'd love something that blooms this time of year. But I don't need to bring in another problem plant like false spirea turned out to be.
    Bummer on the foul tempered customers. I can understand being frustrated at going back and finding what I wanted to think about being out of stock, been there done that. When that happens it's my own fault for being indecisive. And the Ouija board person... ugh. That's all I'll say on her.

  7. I grew up with self employed parents and know how rude people can be. My friends own a small quilt shop and I do their vending. 99% of the shoppers are kind but that 1% can sure throw a monkey wrench in the day. Recently a lady and her husband stopped by my booth. He asked where the shop was located (we were in a different state) and he quite rudely informed me my state needed to fix their roads. Caught me off guard; his wife gave me the look like "sorry, he's just like that".
    Hang in there! If owning a business is your passion, don't let anyone rain on your parade.

  8. As my dear mother would say, "Some people would bitch if they got hung with a new rope". Ignore the naysayers and keep on keeping on what you love to do . . . and are good at ;-)

  9. Ugh. Some people! (You l'il ol' witch, you!) Who would even THINK that, much less make a big deal out of it? (And White Mountain puzzles are wonderful -- I didn't know they were basically limited editions.) Maybe you need a sign -- "Our puzzles are limited editions; when the company closes a puzzle design, it is no longer available, so get it now!" I can see why you'd come home and say that -- it IS hard work to plan so far ahead and not know what elements of life or trend will evolve in the meantime. But you do it so well, so maybe yes, just a bad day.

    As for the garden, it's never too late. I still have a draft post of my garden -- that I started in July before it got ugly. I'm debating if I'll ever post it!

  10. Those Rude people are so annoying hard as it can be to ignore them , they sure spoil a few days in your life ....But you are very creative and don't let these ignorant people ruin your business ....just make more wonderful items & enjoy those special shoppers who Love your shop !!!

  11. I would have winked at the lady who of accused you of practicing witchcraft and said "Well, yes...yes, I do...but only white magic..."and asked if perhaps she was in need of a spell that sweetened dispositions. Hmpfh I say. Like they say, you can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. (Ok...what came to mind at first was the bit about hanging someone with a new rope as my mum said that all the time too, but Lauren got to it first.) It seems people are becoming less and less tolerant and more and more least the rude unreasonable ones are. I had someone else tell me yesterday that she felt horrible as she had gotten her first negative review. Ever. Just reflections of their own angst and unhappiness I say. Anyway, your little gardens are lovely. Wow on the morning glories...but they should have bloomed by now. Mine are new this year too and are not have as large as yours and have been blooming for a long time already. They appear to be in full sun? (They need full sun...) If so, then it's likely your soil is too rich. Good luck in any event...and keep us posted. ~Robin~ (Chin up!)

  12. Don't let rude people weaken you! Ignore them and their nastiness. Don't let anyone ruin your day!

  13. A home and garden tour at your place would be something I wouldn't want to miss. You do have the best colors inside and out. Don't let a few bad apples spoil the entire barrel. Just let 'em roll off like water off a duck's back.

  14. I'm so sorry you had a bad day with a real witch coming in to the shop! I was thinking of so many comebacks to her witch commet..Like leave before I cast a spell on you...but my favorite would be: "You say I'm a witch, like it's a bad thing." Ha! Love your gardens and those dango weeds just keep on coming. I planted morning glories once and they did the same as yours...leaves, no flowers. Not sure why that happened. Oh well, people are always going to complain. You should be in health care! Some good stories there! Have a good day tomorrow my friend! (Hugs from witch to another!)

  15. I work retail I know exactly what you are talking about. We sell white mountain puzzles and they have had a hard time with stock too. If she accused me of practicing witchcraft I would say be careful who you are yelling at if you know what I mean?? I had a man put a stack of cookbooks (used) on the counter and asked how much are they? I say 5.00 a piece (there is a big sign right by them) he proceeds to let me know what he thinks of that. I pick them up
    and put them right back where he got them. He said hey I wanted those I just gave him a dirty look and he walked out.
    I will say most of my customers are pretty good

  16. Customers can be so critical at times. Just keep doing what you are doing. That witch comment was uncalled for. I am not afraid to tell people to leave if they piss me off!!! Anyway I hope you have a great day.

  17. So sorry some customers were rude. Try to not let it get you down. I hate when people remark "well you must think a lot of that" to a store owner or seller. Well, as a matter of fact, you do take pride in your work. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right? Blessings.


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