Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Squirrels Be a Hoarding

Happy Sunday my friends!
I hope this post finds you safe and well.
We live in an area with lots of oak trees.
With that being said I have been noticing
all of the squirrels scurrying about
hiding their black walnuts and acorns
for their wintertime food.
Tree squirrels are the one animal that do not
hibernate in Winter. 

While Bob was in the hospital,
I took my crochet hook and Sugar & Cream yarn
with me daily and crocheted acorns.
At night I crocheted pumpkins.

I loved how they turned out.
Multi colored fall ones.

Brown ones.

Cream ones.

I bagged these up in the three colors.
All but one bag have already sold.
If they had a green color that was close
to an acorn color, I would have made those too.
However the greens were too light or dark.
I know that I could have used a different yarn,
but I do like the heaviness of this particular brand.

In other news,
Bob and I drove 4 1/2 hours North to 
Alpena, MI for his daughters wedding Saturday.
Since Bob cannot drive long distances yet,
I drove there yesterday and back today.
It rained both ways.
Alpena is a small community located
along the shore of Lake Huron.
The wedding was supposed to take place outdoors,
which did not happen.
We waited about a half hour hoping the rain
would subside...which did not.
We did leave the reception right after dinner
as Bob was tired. 
He still tires in the afternoon.
His daughter understood and was just
 glad we made the trip.

On the way home we did see flocks of turkeys.
Even saw a hen with 2 baby poults (turkeys)
Also saw many deer.
Although we were in bear country, did not see one.
Rain and fog was my first hour driving home.
Just so glad nothing happened since I was
unfamiliar with this route.

Well off to clean my spare bedroom.
It is a chaotic mess with stuff everywhere
from my Halloween creations.
Need to put everything back on order now. LOL

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Acorn Blessings To All!



  1. Janice, your acorns are really incredible. I was wondering how big they were as compared to real acorns. You are multi talented.

    I'm glad you both made it to Bob's daughter's wedding and that you got back safely and that your car didn't break down in bear country... I saw two big moose on the side of the road when I went up north of the province a few weeks ago.
    They just stood there and looked at me go by.

    Mess goes with creating things.

    1. They were three times bigger than a normal acorn. I have never seen a moose in person but have heard they are huge. Glad they did not get in the way when you were driving. Janice

  2. Love those acorns since they were so popular people might be looking for them next year to add to their bowl of ones purchased this year. Glad you made it to the wedding and happy you made it back safely with that weather condition.

  3. I"m glad Bob was able to make it to his daughter's wedding. I'm sure it was quite tiring but so special for both of them. And those acorns are pretty adorable!

    1. Yes when he first had his stoke I told his daughter we would be at her wedding come high or hell water. Janice

  4. Oh those acorns are great...what a fun idea! Glad you safely traveled to and from the many deer out now, we have to be extra careful traveling at dusk/night. And yes, time to clean here too...much to catch up on, digging in to keep busy!

    1. Thanks Mary! I made sure not to drive between those hours both ways. Janice

  5. I love acorns, I usually will pick them up on my walks, I just love them. ;-) I have a few big Bur Acorns on display.

    I am glad you and Bob made it to the wedding. Happy Wedding Day blessings to the special couple.
    xx oo

  6. I think you are a little "nutty"! I say that in the nicest way as those acorns are super adorable! I'm glad you and Bob were able to attend his daughter's wedding. I hope he's feeling better each day. I'm sure she really appreciated the sacrifice of the drive and his low energy at this time. Take care Janice!

    1. LOL guess I am a little nutty at that! Bob has a new symptom...getting dizzy every now and then. UGH Janice

  7. Your acorns are adorable Janice! Of course they're a hit! I felted a few a while ago, but eventually gave up LOL. I am sure it was a trek for you and Bob to make (and I do not envy you the driving part under any conditions), but it must have meant so very much to his daughter. Still looking forward to a visit to your "hotel." ~Robin~

    1. Yes his daughter was so appreciative of us coming and understood when we had to leave early. Janice

  8. I love the acorns. They would fit right in with the ones I collect every fall. It's definitely that time of year.

  9. My acorns are three times bigger than normal ones, but probably would look good with the real ones. Janice

  10. I hope Bob has a complete recovery!


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