Thursday, August 18, 2022

August CupboardScape

As Summer winds down,
am adding in more Autumn in my home.
Hello friends!

Today's Cupboardscape was an inspiration
from nature herself.
We have been travelling through the marsh
lately to go to and from Bob's doctor appts.

The swans are still here.
Some even still have babies,
which is odd for this time of year.

Each week I can see the colors changing.

From green to red.

Mixed in with some golds.
The Timothy grass is in full bloom.

Some of the Mute Swans leave and
head South for the Winter.
Those that stay now are fed by folks
along the river, which is not a good practice. 
Our Trumpeter Swans do leave.  

However because we have so many Mute Swans
now, our Trumpeters have moved North.
It is a rare treat when I do see them in the river
in the Springtime.
These swans are native, the mutes are not.

In other news,
we had a scare with Bob again.
Apparently his blood pressure dosage
he was prescribed after his stroke 
was increased way too much.
He was once again having headaches,
getting dizzy and just lethargic.
Come to find out after contacting the doctor,
someone prescribed too much. 
He now has the correct dosage and is doing
good again.
He still has peripheral vision issues in his left eye.
Also still has some short term memory loss.
The doctor said it could take 3 to 6 months
for his brain to heal.

Am putting away the Patriotic decor,
and adding in some Autumn.

Working on Christmas items for the store now.
My Christmas theme this year is a
"Nordic Christmas"
All of the wholesale companies are leaning
toward this design style, so I decided to incorporate
it into the store.
Just hoping all of my inventory comes in.
We open for Christmas the second weekend
of October.
I already crocheted some fun Nordic hats.
I also crocheted peppermint candle mats.
Currently working on some Nordic elves.

Well off to work.

August Blessings To All!


  1. sending your husband good healing energy. We are seeing bits of fall here but not ready to pull out my fall decorations yet. I went in a store last weekend, and they were all decorated for fall. while it is my favorite season, I do not want to rush the winter heating bills.

  2. I thought a swan was a swan. Didn't know the difference until you provided the names of mute, trumpeter and tundra so looked them up. Now I can identify them and thanks for the nature lesson and scenescape. Glad Bob's medication has been adjusted and hope progress goes a little faster now.

  3. Working in healthcare I always wonder how things like incorrect meds happen. Sometimes it's too many cooks in the kitchen if you get my drift..Dr.s, Residents, PA, RNNP, etc. I'm glad Bob is on the right path now and doing well and I'll send some healing vibes up north! I noticed today that my buckeye tree has a few orange leaves popping up. It's always the first to turn and although it seems early it's how it usually goes here at the Pines. I love your cupboard scape and the swan is beautiful! I hope all your inventory comes in and I know it's early for Christmas but stores have to get it done early!

  4. Oh-so pretty, as always! So sorry to hear about the dosage goodness, I'm glad he's back on track. Looking forward to the Halloween Hotel, and Nordic sounds great, too, I can see're displays are always so creative and clever!

  5. Your fall decor is lovely. I especially like the swans. I also see some signs of autumn approaching but I want to savour the rest of the summer. I'm not ready to put away my sandals just yet. The hydrangea is starting to turn a pinkish color.

    I'm glad that Bob's medication has been adjusted. It's a complaint that I hear a lot of about too much medication and their adverse effect on the body.

    Take care, hugs.

  6. Well, the Cupboard Swans are almost as dear as the Mutes and Trumpeters...perhaps more so. (And likely much nicer....) Scary stuff with Bob's meds. I never would have thought things like that would/could happen until my son, as a toddler, was prescribed a dosage 3x what it should have been. Argh...Christmas before Halloween?? I say Bah Humbug LOL. Yes, fall is knocking...the crickets are singing and the bittersweet is turning. ~Robin~

  7. Nordic Christmas sounds fun and I love the swans. That's scary about Bob but I'm glad it was something that could be fairly quickly remedied. That recovery takes a long time and you don't need a medicine issue to add to it! You take care, too!

  8. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery!

  9. I am praying that Bob continues to heal and feel better soon, back to himself. I sadly hear to often stories of what happened to your Bob regarding prescription dosages.
    xx oo


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