Friday, August 5, 2022

Back In March

 Happy Friday my friends!

Way back in March I asked you
if you knew what my first Halloween
item I had created was.

Dicky Bird (aka Jacky)
was the only one who guessed correctly.

Made from wool and glass beads.

I created these poisonous mushrooms.

These will be part of my haunted hotel buffet.

I packaged these with some moss
to mimic the woods mushrooms
would be found in.

Although some mushrooms are edible.
Do not eat toadstools.

Tomorrow after I close the store,
I will start to finally decorate my Haunted Hotel.
Cannot wait!

In other news.

Last night was Bob's birthday.
He wanted Thai food for dinner.
The first restaurant went to carry out only. 
Being 45 minutes away we wanted to eat in.
The second Thai restaurant I drove to.
Temporarily closed.
We ended up having lamb at another 
restaurant up the road.
Cake and ice cream were served
later at home.
Well here's hoping everyone has a
wonderful weekend!

We finally got some much needed rain.
Also there was an small oil spill in our river,
so overnight they stopped the intake valves
of all of the towns along the river
that we get our water from.
Scary, but at least all is well now.
It happened on the Canadian side.

Toadstool Blessings To All!


  1. While I've seen some normal looking mushrooms in my yard or the nearby meadow I'd never even attempt eating them. Funny thing is tho, I see squirrels eating them all the time. Guess they are immune to the poison factor.

  2. Oh a haunted hotel is such a great theme! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Morels have always been a favorite since I was a kid, but I don't see them much any more. Maybe because I don't want to head into the tick-infested woods to search them out! Have a good weekend, Mary

  3. Your shrooms are adorable Janice. I am so excited for the debut! Belated Birthday wishes to Birthday-boy Bob! Robin

  4. Your poisonous mushroom will be a great addition to your Haunted Hotel buffet. I bet you are having a great time decorating and I'll have a great time looking at your decor.

    Happy belated Birthday to your Bob.
    Take care,

  5. I am so excited to see the Haunted Hotel. Your mushroom is a fun idea, I like that you added the moss.
    Happy Birthday to your Bob!!!
    Love, Carla

  6. A haunted hotel is a great theme and I'm sure yours will be awesome! Happy birthday to your hubby and I think you should celebrate all weekend long! Such a cute shroom! I guess you could say there's a fungus among us! Have a good weekend!

  7. I never would have guessed a!
    Happy belated birthday greetings to Bob ;-)

  8. How terrible to have an oil spill in your river! Your haunted hotel sounds like so much fun! I love your handmade mushroom! Wishing you pleasant summer days

  9. I love your sweet handmade mushrooms! Cant wait to see your haunted hotel!


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