Thursday, August 25, 2022

Its Show & Tell Time

Well its time to show off what I scored on
from this years antique trail around
 the Thumb of Michigan.
One day I would like to do the 127 trail
from Michigan to Alabama.
For now I will continue to do our own local one. 

I know both Robin and Yaya will be fighting over this one.
A vintage witch noisemaker.

The owner of this particular picture
wanted to know why I wanted it before purchasing it.
I told him when I first looked at it,
it reminded me of young love.
The price was $15, but because of my answer
he gave it to me for free.
I offered to still pay him, however he would not take
any money from me.
I will treasure forever the kindness if him.

Loved this heart cookie tin.

When I spotted this milk stool,
 I knew it also had to come home with me.

I made a stop at one of my favorite
 antique friends shop.
Wish I had her shop & home.
She lives along Lake Huron.
Her shop is next to her old restored farmhouse.
If you think my house should be in a magazine,
hers definitely should be.
Primitive lovers would love it!
Any hoot, this millenary hat holder
came from an actual millenary store from the 
early 1900's.
Oh how I wish I could have lived back in those times.  

Instead of adding a hat,
I purchased another bonnet for my collection.

It is an early blue check one
even though this pic does not show 
the color very well.

My favorite purchase was this antique
pine sugar chest.
It was a steal.
The top opens up for storage....
which already holds all of my buttons.

This is the room I am cleaning back up.
Need to have it back in order before
my mom comes here in a few weeks.

Have a marvelous week!

Show & Tell Blessings To All!


  1. You better add Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) to the gals who will be fighting for the Halloween noisemakers. Love that milk stool and sugar chest. Great scores!.

    1. LOL Yes I need to keep my stuff hidden from the girls. Janice

  2. You came home with some great finds. I love the little milk stool. I remember those old Halloween noisemakers. Maybe not that exact one but something similar. They are very expensive.


    1. Yes I thought I did goo this year. Did not spend a lot of money. In fact came home with some. Janice

  3. You had some fabulous finds. What a marvelous and kind vendor with that painting. You are right -- young love. And it is so beautifully done. Love that noisemaker, too!

    1. Yes that gentlemen was very nice. I will never forget him. Janice

  4. Lovely 'boy and girl' painting!
    Stools make for very popular antique items.

  5. Since I made it here before yaya (or Lauren), I'm calling DIBS on that wicked good witch noisemaker!!! I have a small collection of vintage Halloween noisemakers, but not one like that! So, if you ever consider selling it, you know who to ask first. ;-) Love the stool and the hat stand...and the heart cutter... Heck, all of your treasures. And so sweet of that gentleman to gift you the picture. Had you simply purchased it, he would be just a fleeting thought in your head that would dissipate quickly...but because of his generous kindness, he will long be remembered. The world needs more of that kind of human. ~Robin~

    1. LOL I need to hide the noisemaker for sure form you gals. Am going on a hunt on Labor Day for some more. Hopefully I can afford them. Janice

  6. ohhh you got some nice treasures!! What a wonderful man to give that picture to you for free!

  7. You really came home with a good haul of treasures. I especially like your chest. What fun it would be to make the long trek of yard sales.

  8. I was just looking at my past Halloween posts and then I stopped here and yes I would LOVE the witch noise makers! So fun! You did score some great hits! One day I'll make that trip up North to see your shop so hide those witches! Ha! How sweet of that man to give you the picture. I bet it reminded him of an old love! Have a good weekend!

  9. Oh so sweet that the picture was given to you...the seller knew it was meant for you. Love the goodies you found...I've never heard of a sugar chest, had to research it - what a find! And I absolutely agree...I'm sure I would have fit in with the earlier times. Hard work no doubt, but something about it just appeals to me and draws me in. Enjoy the weekend! Mary

    1. Yes the sugar chest was a find for the price. Janice

  10. A very sweet story about the picture. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I like your treasures.

  11. Hi Janice. You made a wonderful haul of some really beautiful things. I just watched A Woman of Substance on Acorn and was wishing the same thing..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  12. The chest is a real treasure! :~) Locally, we have a hundred miles of "bargains" on the last weekend before opening of school. It's usually the hottest week of the year, but lots of people make the trip anyway.

    1. Where is your trail. I might have to do that one some day too. Janice

  13. Fun finds! Unlike you, I would NOT want to live in the early 1900s. I like my running water, electricity, and flush toilets!!!

    1. LOL At least we would not be fighting over politics if we lived ack then. AM so tired of the way the country is right no. Janice

  14. OH MY Gosh those ALL are wonderful finds!


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