Saturday, August 13, 2022

Getting The Urge

Hello friends!

 While on vacation this past week,
I have been noticing subtle signs 
of Autumn peeking in.
Since Autumn is one of my favorite
decorating seasons, I have
gotten the urge to start some
home Autumn decor.

First what does one do when you purchase
these wood vases for your store,
and three of them came broke at the top?
Well, you give 2 to friends and the other you keep.

Thank you Sandy for giving me the inspiration
to do this display.
You see Sandy was one of the recipients
of one of these vases.
She added my newest faux sunflowers for sale
in our gift shop.
I immediately added in the faux grass for her
to complete her vase and decided to do the same
for my own display.
Thanks Sandy!

I loved these sunflowers because
they are at the stage of just turning yellow.
Paired with my latest green grass bunch
and a purple flower orb. 

Above added more faux purple flowers,
antique socks and a dried hydrangea bunch.

A simple Autumn design
with just a hint of Autumn color.

Makes me smile when entering my room now.

These crock jugs are always underneath my side table. 

In other news,
I picked up my mom on Thursday and drove
her back to my house and we were off
on Friday morning for our annual antique trail.
It started a half hour south of my house,
and goes all the way around the
Thumb of Michigan. 
Wait until you see what I scored on this year.
The route goes past her house, but we went North 
of her town about a half hour and then came back.
I did not drive all around the Thumb.

Once we arrived this adorable little fawn...
still with its spots was laying in her backyard.
I was able to sneak back and get my phone
as he was headed towards my mom neighbors yard.
the doe was not around, but am sure she was close by.
My mom said there is another doe with twins.
Also with spots. Rather late for does to be giving birth.

Are you getting the urge to bring out
your own Autumn decor like I am?

Getting The Urge Blessings To All!


  1. Oh that's right you use the Michigan Mitt as the map. I hooked a mitt and gave it to my rug hooking teacher Kris Miller (Spruce Ridge Studios) who also lives in Michigan. Will send you a personal photo.

  2. How unfortunate the vases all arrived broken at the top. Is there any possibility to have them replaced? The shipper needs to know how to pack them better next time.
    I like your simple but beautiful decor.

    I never knew Michigan was known as the mitten State. I 'll remember that fun fact.

  3. As always you provide so much inspiration. Fall is my favorite and Christmas. Glad you were able to hit the trail and can't wait to see what you purchased. Your store always has pieces that inspire me. Hope all is going well with you,work and Bob

  4. I love your displays and am sorry about those wooden vases. I hope the company provided replacements but what fine use you made of them!

  5. Yes, although I try to savor summer as long as I can given our long, long, winters, I can't help but brighten a bit with the first touches of autumn. It was unseasonably cool here this past week and mostly it was not hard to imagine autumn was knocking on summer's door. Yes, a very understatedly beautiful display. I typically go directly from patriotic to Halloween...just run out of time for the in-between LOL. Can't wait to see your treasures! ~Robin~

  6. Oh yes I'm anticipating Fall and have ordered and received some new Halloween decor..not that I needed any of it! I promise myself to get rid of something to make room for the new. Only time will tell! Your decor is lovely as usual and it's too bad about the broken vases but lucky for those that got them as a gift! I'm trying to just enjoy each day of summer and not rush it out too fast. Our temps have been so nice and cool it's hard not to want to get a pumpkin! Ha! Take care Janice!

  7. That sounds like some antique outing...I'm jealous! Can't wait to see what had to come home with you! Mary

  8. I like your display. And I cannot wait to see your treasures.


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