Tuesday, August 9, 2022

As Summer Winds Down

Good morning Friends.
Hope everyone is enjoying their remaining
days of Summer.
Before it ends I need to show you how
our back room and more were decorated
for this season.

In other news,
Am on hour 14 1/2 working
on my Haunted Hotel set up.
Heading back to the store now to finish up.
Then onto the front window.
New witch items up front.

Also I am so disgusted with our government.
No charges for Hunter Biden with
all of the pictures and crimes
he committed on his laptop..
He made several trips on Air Force 2
with his dad to Ukraine and China.

Now Pelosi's son just went along on her Asian trip.
Apparently he needs help with all his
business dealings in Singapore and Taiwan.
Of course our American news wont show that.
I read news from other countries to get
more of a better picture.

I believe in democracy, but I truly believe
our democracy is going to pots.

Now they pass their spending package.
I have my degree in Business Management.
Econ 101 you would know that corporations
are in the business to make money.
When you brag how they will be paying more
with this new bill the Dems passed,
this is what will happen now to corporations.
They will need to cut expenses to pay for the 
higher taxes.
Payroll is an expense.
Americans will lose their jobs.

Folks need to wake up or we may be a communist
country sooner than we think.
I use to be a Democrat. No longer.
My mom was a life long one. She is no more.
Her parents came from a communist country.
She is remembering the stories they told her.
The Dems are no longer the party of the people.
If you no longer want to be free,
go live in China, Russia, Iraq....etc.

ok, rant is over.

Summer's End Blessings To All!



  1. I'm upset with all that too and the latest with the FBI showing up armed and taking everything they think they can turn it into criminal charges. We will very soon be the USSA (United socialist states of America).

  2. Compared to Trump, DePerno and others, political parents and kids are like romper room to me. I will do whatever it takes to keep the administration as it is and keep the Democrats in power. I am so relieved they finally are getting on DT. They have to have very specific evidence to do a search and you know that every t was crossed, i dotted and run through a huge clearance for that. I hope they found the info to send that guy to prison for life after what he has done to our country.

    Your shop, on the other hand, is so charming and lovely, I'd adore shopping there!

    1. I do not typically respond to individual comments on another’s post and I make every attempt to not start, or engage in, a blogpost war regarding political matters. However, like many of the “silent majority,” silence is getting more difficult to keep so, Janice, I plead for your indulgence and forgiveness in advance. And Jeanie, I plead for you to do some true research on the matters on which you commented. I do not intend to be rude, but it seems that so many people these days throw about lofty opinions without research…or based on a very lopsided form of research (i.e., listening to one and only one narrative that fits their comfort zone….and make sweepingly broad generalizations without being willing to debate/discuss specifics. You hope they send “that guy to prison for life after what he has done to our country.” What, Jeanie, has “that guy” done to our country that has been so horrible? During his term, the US had the world’s most prosperous economy; we were energy independent; unemployment records were lowered to record levels; and we had secure borders. In addition, “that guy” brought jobs and factories and industries back to the US, brought tax relief to the middle class, created a long-overdue “Space Force,” rebuilt our military, secured historic trade deals to defend American work, and brokered historic peace deals with several nations. I could go on, but I don’t want to blow up Blogger, but will be happy to discuss with you further at any time – as well as provide concrete and specific examples of all the above. I admit I was not a huge Trump fan initially…but his POLICIES and achievements (not his personality) changed my views. Now it is my turn to ask what Biden has done for our country? Or should I say “to” our country? We are begging adversaries and third world regimes for oil, we have record inflation, our military can’t recruit anywhere near their articulated goals of enlistment, we are viewed as weak and compromised on the world stage, etc. Again, I will be happy to provide specifics. As to your comment about “finally getting on DT:” “Finally”? Really? The man and his family have been persecuted relentlessly and unjustifiably since he announced his candidacy. As for “they having to have very specific evidence to do a search and know that every t was crossed, I dotted and run through a huge clearance,” are you familiar with the illegal FISA warrants that were issued and signed off on in regards to the Steele dossier? The illegal FISA warrants that were used to illegally spy on “DT” before and during his presidency? Virtually everything that he has been accused of has been proved to be false and groundless. As for political parents and kids, I’m not going to even go there at this point. I suggest you look into Hunter’s laptop just for starters. If you prefer to not expose yourself to that, Miranda Devine has a very insightful book that covers it well. I’ll leave it at this as this is much too long as is, but I am happy to discuss further with you should you wish.

    2. PS... Research who the federal magistrate was who signed off on the warrant.... And who heads the DC field office that implemented this raid. There are other connections you will find very fascinating beyond these two as well if you do a little digging.

    3. Cranky crow I applaud you for explaining things the way I didn't and couldn't.

  3. Your shop is looking really good.
    I feel sorry for those folks who are walking around with blinders on and believe what the mainstream media tells them. I too listen to the mainstream media and the free press media to hear both side.
    It reminds me of Russian people who still think that Ukraine is the aggressor and that Putin is just trying to liberate the people of Ukraine. The press is run by the communist and they only believe what they hear and see from the communist own media. The same thing is happening here in Canada. The Globalist are all in together, your president, our president are Globalist also and we are continually loosing ground on our freedom. Our hospitals are closing emergency rooms everywhere because of shortage of nurses, we and so may people are loosing our doctors.
    Farmers are big losers also. Soon, we will have a man made famine by these politicians. Soon, we will be under communist government. People need to wake up. The president of Ukraine is doing a great job and he's not a politician and Trump, not a politician either was doing a great job until the election was stolen from him.

    When things can't get any worst, Mother Mary will come to rescue the world in humility and love. The only way to defeat the devil.

    My rant could go on much longer but I've said enough for now.

    Happy sales at your store.

    1. Julia, well said by someone truly informed and not believing the bs fed to the folks drinking the koolaide. God Bless America and God Bless Canada.

  4. Hello Friend, I agree with your rant. My family is in agriculture, it is awful what is happening regarding our farmers regarding the price of fertilizer and fuel. Also having Bill Gates buying up the farm land!
    Thank you for sharing your rant, we need to know we have kindred spirits out there, so many times we feel all alone.
    Love, Carla

    1. Carla, it isn't just Bill Gates, the Chinese have purchased farmland and at least one large farm is in spying distance of a military installation. Soon not only will the Chinese own the Bidens (blackmail), but in addition to controlling the supply chain, will be able to control what farmed goods and grain we consume .. thus famine. .The Chinese (and Fauci's gain of function research) already brought biowarfare here with the virus.

    2. Saundra...the Chinese already own the Bidens, Pelosis, etc.

  5. Your shop looks so nice...I know the Halloween Hotel will be amazing!

    And yes, so many things happening in the world now. I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror if I felt strongly about something and didn't speak up...my decision a long time ago was to look out for my family and do what I feel is best for them; that's not always popular, and I'm okay with that. My 2 cents? prayer for guidance, and honest, good men & women to lead...and simply do the right thing.

  6. What is happening in our great Land is so sad and very frightening. The left will do anything and everything in their power to try to destroy Donald Trump because they are so afraid of him. He put America first unlike the current administration. He loved this country unlike the current administration. And don't get me started on the inflation reduction bill or whatever it is called. You are so right about corporations. And 87,000 more IRS agents to go after the little guy who can't afford to fight it? What about hiring more border patrol agents to protect our southern border and not welcome illegals in to this country and give them all this free sh**. I don't want to pay for anyone's cell phone but my own. Nobody has given me one.
    OK. Enough ranting. The blood is boiling. ;-(

  7. Your summer shop looks amazing Janice!! But I am equally excited (ok, maybe more...) for your Haunted Hotel! ~Robin~ (PS...my apologies for my lengthy reply above. Feel free to delete if you feel appropriate.)

  8. Dear Cranky Crow, Yah for your long, but well informed reply. To get to the truth, you, a lawyer, understand that to get to the truth, you have to listen to both sides of the story and weigh the evidences. Somehow when I typed in my comment, your comment wasn't there. I'm so glad that I came back to check on the comments. The freedom of both our beautiful countries are dear to my heart. I have family in both countries.

  9. Applauding Cranky Crow and you Janice! I love your shop and that summer look is so fresh and bright! I'm so excited about your Halloween display and look forward to seeing it! Political views are hard to swallow on each side but when I see what's happening to our country, to our workforce..or lack of it...I cringe. I also pray for answers and help. I can't believe the ones in power are the best we have. God bless America! (and Canada my friend Julia!)

  10. Well, glad to know we have so many blogging geniuses. They can see exactly what other people are doing without actually being with those people, know exactly how all jobs should be done without actually doing the job, and can predict the future to boot. Amazing! Perhaps this genius needs to be bottled somehow and sold to the masses! Or is that already being done?

  11. Unemployment Dec. 2019 before the shit hit the fan was 3.6. Today it is 3.5 while the shit is still hitting the fan. One little fact for the geniuses. Of course that fact is subject to change as is all other facts known by the geniuses and realized by the small number of normal people earth seems to have.

  12. Glad your shop is coming along cant wait to see it. The shop looked just perfect the last time I saw it. Always so much imagination. It is refreshing to read the opinions of you so called " blogging genuises" . You all are reading and watching more than the liberal left media reports that eventually have to admit to the truth like hunter bidens laptop. It is so sad to see people who believe a man that can't even dress himself is running this country. With inflation and our decline people need to get their heads out of their buttes. Janice if I come on to strong let me know and I believe I can remove it. Prayers for our country in these dark times and all you lovely ladies

  13. Sorry to comment again. We all have opinions and the sad fact is that the anonymity of the internet allows someone to denigrate others for opposing opinions while allowing themselves to feel woke and superior for theirs. Let's just allow everyone to hold their opinion without belittling thm


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