Sunday, November 7, 2021

Respect The Turkey

Hello Friends.
Hope your weekend is going good for you.
We are in full swing for the Christmas Season
at the gift shop,
however we do have a small section devoted
to pumpkins and turkey.

After all we must respect the turkey.

He gets a bad rep lately.

Thanksgiving dinner will be spent with my sister
this year and not alone...thank goodness.
Will you be hosting or getting together for Thanksgiving?

Have you ever wondered why it is on a Thursday?
Well the puritans believed that the weekends
were to be spend in prayer.
Friday was the day of fasting,
so having a big meal or feast as they called it
was quite practical back then.
It was President George Washington
that made it into a holiday.

In other news, it really irks me that 
this infrastruture bill passed with
the Dems and 13 Republicans sneaking in
a provision to once again help folks who make
over $400 thousand dollars.
They keep taxing us working folks,
and reaping their own benefits.
Did you know that in the 1700's when the US Congress
and the Representatives first started,
members were ONLY paid $6.00 a session.
You had to attend to get paid.
This equates to approximately $401.00 today.
Nowadays they get a salary of almost
$200,000.00 and free outpatient care
when visiting a military medical facility
in the Washington DC area.
How many of these folks stay home and do
not attend any sessions.
Us voters need to know.
When are we going to hold they folks who are
supposed to be helping us accountable?
We have the power to vote them OUT.
Vote them out is what we should do.

Here in Michigan Governor Granholm
was not well liked.
She is now Biden's Energy Secretary.
She laughed off why our gas prices are so high.
Blaming OPEC for this and not
the Biden administration.
We were becoming energy efficient under Trump.
OPEC knew it and gas prices were coming down.
Biden's first executive order was to stop
the Keystone pipeline.
Well thank you Brandon for yesterday.
I filled up my tank in the morning at $3.25.
It use to be $2.20.
Going back home after working the store
it rose to $3.49. Another increase in just 1 day.
How are we going to sustain ourselves will
everything going up under this administration?
If you dont see it, you are blind.

Well enough of my rant.  

 Pre Gobble Gobble Blessings to All!



  1. Last time I filled up my gas was $3.27 per gallon and the cheapest place in town. I saw her cackle at the OPEC blame instead of FJB. Go Brandon.

  2. It seems that all the evil bills are passed by the rich politicians even though they are absolutely ridiculous here also in Canada also. Only time will tell how bad things will get before they get better.

    You really have something to rant about dear blogger friend and you have every right to rant all you want. It's unbelievable how quickly things have deteriorated since the new administration.

    I haven't been listening to the news lately and had to look up what all the "Go Brandon" was all about. Now I know.

    We had our Thanksgiving celebration on October 11 here in Canada.I love your turkeys.


  3. Wow, have some really unique Thanksgiving decor the signs and the white turkey. Back when I decorated for Thanksgiving, it was near on impossible to find anything other than very traditional turkeys...and that's it. I ended up rosemaling my own plate just to have something more LOL. I am here biting my tongue don't not want to even get me started on the trainwreck our country has become... Sure as heck didn't take long at all for the agenda...and our change. Unfortunately, I believe it is, for the most part, intentional. Let's just leave it at that. Those who think this is ok fine, better read some history and learn about socialism and communism. Some (the ones who want gov't to take care of them) will be fine with it...but I venture the rest won't like it much. And by then it will be too late to change. No Thanksgiving here. :-( ~Robin~

  4. So very sad what is happening in this great Land of ours. Yes, we were energy independent up until January 20 thanks to President Trump. Oh, when Grandholm laughed about the gas prices and blamed OPEC...I better not say what I really think. I may end up in blog jail if there is such a thing. Brandon hasn't a clue. Makes us all wonder who is really calling the shots? People need to take a lesson from Venezuela if they think socialism is a good idea. Why are students in Cuba waving American flags when our students are protesting in this country? If you don't like it here, get the hell out!!!

  5. They talk about the wage going up for walmart etc. But inflation has eaten away any gain that it would be. I worry for young people starting out no way can they afford to buy a home. and families forget it so expensive.

  6. I so agree with your rantings on the state of our Union. Don't get me started. I will say I'm glad to see a turkey make the headlines here! Ha! I love Thanksgiving and all it represents and I do feel that it deserves to shine before we do the Christmas bling. Oh well, I am thankful for all I have and shouldn't really complain at all. Have a good week!

  7. I get really tired of those who say we can do nothing without term limits. Term limits would be great, but WE the voters could limit their terms by voting the b*st*rds out! All Brandons, Brandonettes, and Brandon Sympathizers, out! All do-nothing conservatives, out! Just have hardworking people who would then pass term limits! As Ross Perot said, "End of problem! Next problem!" Having a "ruling political class" spells the end of our great Republic. UGH! On a happier not, I love the Thanksgiving corner of the shop.

  8. 100 % Thanksgiving at my MIL but I'm bringing the turkey.

  9. I love this post and the comments. So glad to hear like minded people give their opinion. We were so happy to see the results of the Virginia election, praying that it means people are waking up to what is happening in our country. Jan in MA

    Thank you for posting/ranting, because so many of us feel the same as you. We try so hard to get these NO GOOD POLITICIANS out of office, but they just find a way to stay in.
    Praying! Praying! WAKE UP AMERICANS!!!

  11. Let's go Brandon! Love your Turkeys. :-)

  12. I have no idea where I'm doing Thanksgiving this year. I sort of don't care. If it's just Rick and me cooking, fine. If we go to friends or with the kids, fine. I just want a break!

  13. Love that big turkey in your display! He is quite stunning and a collector's gem!! I think the infrastructure taxes people over $400 thousand dollars more and under that number the taxes will not go up above what they are. As I understand it, the tax thing was to get at those who are wealthier to pay their fair share since many high earners have clever tax accountants that take advantage of loopholes that allow them to pay little or no taxes at times.

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