Thursday, November 11, 2021

Bob's Trees

Hello my friends!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


Today I wanted to show off Bob's talent.
The above picture are trees he made from
a vintage wood door.
One painted green and the other white.
Both on bases.
Can be used inside or out as he used outdoor paint.
I thought adding a Christmas wreath in the middle
would make them even more festive. 

He created more trees.
This time using an antique tin ceiling tin.
The tree stem is a stair spindle with a wood base.
So fun!

I took one and made a display to the right.

Another on the left.

Thanks for allowing me to rant the other day.
Owning 2 small businesses,
this current economy is taking its toll on us.
Last month was slow at both stores.
We are not a necessity, where folks
need to purchase from us.
Quite frankly we are getting worried,
because this is 1/2 of our income.
Utilities are going up.
Inventory is going up for the gift shop.
This is why Bob decided to start making
some wood projects.

We are thankful for the customers
who still come in and purchase items.
Just not sure if they will continue,
as their own costs will rise.
Its a no win for everyone....
especially the working folks and
small mom and pop stores.
Even restaurants are being forced to raise 
their prices. They are calling it meatflation.

Just hope we can weather this crisis.
Here I go ranting again.
So sorry.
Just frustrating because we both work so hard.

I forgot to mention that this is Veterans Day in the US
and Remembrance Day in Canada.
Please thank someone you know who served
for our countries.
Without these great heroes,
where would we be right now?
Just think about that.
They all should be honored!
Not just today...but every day!!!
Without these heroes,
none of us would be doing what we are able to do.
Something to think about.

Hero Blessings To All!


  1. I run a used book store while our numbers are still good I wonder what winter will bring. It is heating season now and the price of heating our homes here in NH has gone up so much! I am thankful we have several cords of wood we cut off our land in the past few years to keep us going but we still need heating oil. I wish you good luck with your businesses and hope you have a wonderful season. I love your husband's trees.

  2. It is a scary time we live in. So many difficulties arising and so many uncertainties. We no longer can take anything for granted.

    Your rant is is letting us know how things are and we can only hope for the best but I think it's getting worst.

    Prices are going up and winter is coming. I really feel for poor families who have to pay rent and are trying to provide for their families.

    Your husband is quite creative. Best of luck with your sales.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I just read that food prices were up over 6% just in the month of October. Our current administration is doing us no favors and it will only be getting worse, sorry to say.
    God bless our veterans.
    (And your hubby is most talented!)

  4. Hi,
    I totally understand your rant, I feel the same.
    I am very concerned about our National Security as well. I am also concerned about our energy bills.. we are shutting down all our ways of creating energy!!! How will we generate power?

    Thank you for your blessing for Samuel, I will pass them on to him.
    We are praying Kenosha does not go into FULL RIOT MODE. Last year, the National Guard had poop, frozen water bottles and rocks tossed at them, while protecting private property.


  5. I felt our veterans were FINALLY getting the attention they needed under President Trump. His work to clean up the VA and to let the veterans get care quickly was a great triumph for our country. Sad that some chose to let their party loyalty override their love of their fellow man. Ha ha, here's a mini-rant right in your comments! Sorry! I love the pieces that your hubby made. He's really talented! I hope they will sell well, but you are right, money is tight all over and the prices just go up up up in every area. I feel so bad for many in our economy.

  6. Oh, those trees are wonderful...I especially love the ceiling tin ones. If I lived anywhere near you, I'm sure I would be doing my part to keep your business thriving LOL. All kidding aside, it is a scary thing. Living where we do, we rely on many small/family-owned businesses...and so many have not weathered the storm and have closed up shop. Everyone loses except the megachains and such. Disgusting. Will be keeping you and Bob...and your livelihood in prayer. ~Robin~

  7. Such talent and creativity! How perfect that he can create unique items for your shop and maybe keep some of the concerns about inventory coming in down a bit. While I don't have the heavy worries of keeping a store running, I do feel a similar stress...the price of food is so high, gas and propane prices rising, and we're having a stretch of "what else can go wrong?" Heat pump, septic, car repairs, roofing...all hitting at once and all way too costly. Praying things turn around for all of us. Mary

  8. In our small town most of the small shops are closed. Just when we thought things were looking up again...bam! But, with you two and your talents and hard hard work, it hopefully will be a different story. I love the Christmas trees!

  9. He is so clever. Those are really terrific. I especially like the tin ones. I certainly understand your situation -- it has to be very difficult for business owners, especially small ones -- with rising inventory costs and rent. Sending all good wishes that things will level out soon. I was glad the infrastructure bill finally made it through. Perhaps that will bring job. I think a lot of people are still trying to catch up. And the pandemic made a lot of us realize we don't need all the stuff we thought we did before. THis year, two dear friends and I decided to not swap gifts for Christmas (or anything of much value) but rather just have lunch. I would do that with more if I could. Too many expenses for us all.


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