Friday, November 19, 2021

PJ Santa

 Hello my friends.

I am itching to start showing off Christmas.

Back in May I drew out a Santa wearing pj's.
In my stash of crafting supplies,
I then found these sweet wire glasses.
I imagined Santa in his favorite plaid longjohns
enjoying his milk and cookie.

We always left Santa cookies and milk
for him to enjoy on Christmas Eve,
so here is Santa's cookie.

He saved his favorite sugar cookie for when
he was back at home from delivering
presents to those good girls and boys. 

Afterwards I am sure he settled in for a 
long Winter's nap.

I had so much fun hand stitching him,
that I even decided to keep one for myself.
I do not often keep my own creations.
If I did, they would overrun this house. LOL
You will see him again in my Christmas decor.

Are you itching to start decorating for Christmas?

Tuesday while she was driving around getting
 her lab work and covid test for 
back surgery on Wednesday, 
she was in a car accident. UGH.
She was fine thank goodness, 
but her new car was not.
Surgery went well, but now she is in
excruciating pain and her right leg is numb.
They did a cat scan and found nothing.
The surgeon is puzzled. 
They might be doing a MRI next,
and if they find something, another surgery.
In limbo right now.
Please say a wee prayer so she gets better. 

PJ Santa Blessings To All!


  1. I love the santa and the cookie! So sweet........but was saddened to hear about the car accident and the issues she is having. Keeping you close in prayer......hugs and many prayers said!

  2. Such a sweet Santa and cookie. Oh my.......I am so sorry to hear about the accident. I hope whatever is wrong will soon be diagnosed and that she is up on her feet again! hugs and prayers!

  3. Your little Santa and cookie is really sweet with his jolly face.
    So sorry about the accident and the wrecked new car and the possibility of more surgeries. I hope the MRI can answer some questions.

    I'll keep her in my prayers for rapid healing.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Janice, is this back surgery story you or your Mom? Whomever it is, I will be saying a prayer for healing . OUCH!!

    Your Santa is quite adorable!!You always come up with the best patterns and ideas!

  5. Such a cute Santa! But so sorry to hear about the accident. Hope the doctors figure out the new problem! Prayers being said...Jan in MA

  6. Your Santa is adorable! Who is the "She"? Is it you, Janice with Bob writing? Your mom? No matter -- many prayers for quick and full healing.

  7. Love the Santa...such talent you have! Sorry to hear about the accident...sending prayers and good wishes, Mary

  8. So sorry to hear about the accident! So scary!
    great Santa

  9. Sweet Santa!! Love the jammies! I am not certain who the "she" is....but whoever it is, I will say prayers for healing. ~Robin~

  10. So sorry about the accident. Will send prayers. Love the Santa! Kit 💕

  11. What a cute Santa! I used to collect Santas but had to stop because of having so many. I gave many to my kids and kept only the ones that had special meaning to me. I don't know who had the accident but I hope all goes well with healing. I will send up prayers for you and your family! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Lots of prayers. Sorry to hear about the accident. I so love your Santa and I am glad you are keeping one for yourself. Have a happy Thanksgiving to you and Bob.

  13. Prayers they find some answers...and fast.

  14. Super cute Santa! Yes, prayers for some answers.


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