Wednesday, November 3, 2021

An Autumn Table

 November is here.

Leaves are still on the trees, which is very weird.

Hopefully this is not a prelude to a bad Winter.

Bob finally hung our Honey Krust sign.
This was part of a screen door in which
one of our antique friends framed,
 painted and scuffed up.
It use to hang in our side kitchen window.
With the kitchen redo, we removed that window,
The sign was in the window for privacy.
No longer needed there, so I decided to hang it
above our bench.

On my table is a wood trencher filled with
dried and faux fruit along with dried okra and gourds. 

Just a simple table setting.

I changed up the quilt from an off white one now
to a muted brown.

This view you can see my Halloween CupboardScape.
The only Halloween display 
I did this year at home.

Don't get mad at me,
but me having a few days off from work,
I decided to get out a few Christmas items out to decorate.
It takes me  awhile to get my home done,
so decided to get busy while I have the time off.
I will do a small Turkey display for my CupboardScape.
Still have to respect the turkey, 
even if just one display.

Bob purchased a white antique fence 
for a feather tree, and I was antsy to put it up.
Now just need to find my feather tree packed away. 

Dinner the other night after trick or treating 
was awesome!
Bob had beer batter chicken tenders,
I had my lobster ravioli and we had the salmon spread
for an appetizer with fresh baked bread.

My favorite kiddos this year were a skunk,
a dalmatian, and a teen who was dressed
 in black with a head piece made to look like a 
time bomb, including the fuse.
Very  huge and unique in my opinion.    
Then there were a few 
"Let's Go Brandon" cheers across the street
from our store.
All in all it was a great night for the kids,
up until 7 when the wind blew in.
At least they had a few hours of decent weather.

I have one more day of doing house work
and decorating...then I will work the store for
the remainder of my vacation.

Never a dull moment for me.

Autumn Table Blessings To All!


  1. You are one busy woman so can't get mad at you for doing what must be done when you have the time. As the old saying goes "make hay while the sun shines". Your 'lets go Brandon' put a smile on my face. Have thought about buying the t-shirt but haven't yet.

  2. I love all things Turkey and thanksgiving. I appreciate that simple wood bowl centerpiece. Store owners have to be way ahead season wise , so I get the Christmas stuff. I start to celebrate the second wèek in December and keep lights up they January.

  3. Your table dressing is simple but very beautiful.
    You never stop and even work on vacation. You sure deserved that yummy restaurant meal.

    I'm not in a rush to decorate for Christmas but then, I'm not running two stores like you, so I understand.
    I always love seeing your decors.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I don't know how you get done what you do! Love the trencher on your table!
    Let's go Brandon!!!

  5. Your setting looks so pretty! I have not thought about decorating for Christmas yet, but am already thinking about meal menus. Wishing you pleasant November days.

  6. You never fail to decorate so beautifully! Christmas is just around the corner and it is always great to get a head start on decorating!

  7. Wow...what a stunning setting Janice! That settle bench is absolutely beautiful. The sign above is a perfect finishing touch. Everything is so much "larger" than I thought them to be...even that framed quilt piece in your Halloween "cupboardscape." How I'd love a tour! ~Robin~

  8. Of course you have to get a jump on the Christmas decorating at home! You are so busy you must grab every minute. I can't wait to see that feather tree and the little fence. Do you have Putz to go around it? Wow, that teen's costume is very realistic. They get overwrought and "go off" very easily sometimes! Teens!

  9. I admire you for decorating at two places. I am afraid that once one was done, the other would do without.

  10. Janice, I love that old sign you had framed. It makes a great addition the way you have it mounted too. So happy you all had a fun Halloween. We had over 60 people and it was fun handing out candy again and enjoying all the creative costumes people come up with.

  11. I like your favorite costumes. I love when kids get creative.

  12. Your home is always so warm and welcoming looking! I love the sign and your table is cozy! I know you're a busy gal and I get doing the decorating when you have the time and for me it's also the energy! I'm sure it will look awesome. I've put away all the Halloween and I have my Thanksgiving decor up. I will do Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. It takes me a few days for all that also! Have a fun weekend and don't work too hard on vacation!


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