Saturday, October 30, 2021

October CupboardScape

Happy Halloween Weekend my friends!!!


Black Cat


White Pumpkin.
Can you guess which one is the antique?

Witches will make an appearance this weekend.
Maybe from Florida. LOL
Inside joke from Winnie who is a blog follower.
She has purchased many witches from me...
and her witches seem to disappear and fly 
to Michigan this time of year.
Or so they tell her. :-)

My black and off white quilt block.
Perfect for Halloween!
Bear claw pattern.

Oh yeah...if you guessed the orange pumpkin
as being the antique one, you were correct.
The cat and white pumpkin I sold in my store.
These antiques have gone through the roof in price now.

Worked at the store each night this week 2 more hours
after working from home.
Last night I finally finished
 the back room for Christmas.
Will work on decorating the Santa tree
 in the front window and price more
goodies for the front as well.
Hopefully I can get it done before opening.
Wishful thinking on my part.
Now I just hope the rest of my Christmas orders
come in before Christmas is over.
Had a Halloween order come in last week.
Paid for it in June. UGH

Hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween!

Anyone dressing up or having a party or both?
Bob and I will just pass out candy at the store.
Afterwards go to dinner in town.

End Of October Blessings To All!


  1. We are trick or treating with the grand after party my son in law's family

  2. I figured the orange pumpkin was the antique. Sure wish I had an antique of my own but they were either not to be found or the price too high for my budget. So I made one which I'll post on my blog.

  3. One of my regrets from all the auctions I worked and attended was NOT buying those papermache' pumkins. In the 80's-90's I thought $35-40 was too much...what was I thinking!!! Your little are looks great as usual.

  4. You are a hard worker. Halloween is very low key in my neighbourhood. I love seeing yard decorations. No one has decorations outdoors. Even along the street going to town, it's very low key this year again. Once in a while you see halloween decorations.

    The stores are so full of Halloween stuff and Christmas flyers are already coming in.

    Happy Halloween.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Yay! I guessed right, based on the eyes & mouth seemed a bit more detailed and the wear around the inside top opening. Not only prices for the true vintage/antique ones are through the roof, but far too many new ones are being sold at vintage prices. Unscrupulous vendors? Uneducated vendors? I know I'm not educated enough to not get taken. I have no problem buying repro as long as that's what it's advertised and priced as.

  6. You know I love my me pulp/papier mache JOLs Janice!! I actually did a post many years back on how to distinguish a truly vintage one from a repro. I have not given up on finding a black cat and devil...although, when I do, I am certain to balk at the price tag. Heck, those were high even "back in the day" when the JOLs were somewhat "reasonable." Enjoy your dinner out (that's the cool place you mentioned, right?) No party here....we had a small one last year and it was fun, but this year, I'll be watching Halloween shows and casting spells for little ones to come and trick-or-treat LOL. ~Robin~

    1. PS....really love your quilt square! PERFECT backdrop for your display and the orange fella just pops against it.

  7. Yup! I knew the orange one was the vintage one. I was out to the antique mall today and the mache Jacks are so expensive. So happy I have the ones I do.
    Hopefully your orders will arrive. Sad that USPS says it is going to slow mail. If it gets any slower than it was last year, Christmas gifts will be known as Easter gifts ;-(

  8. I guessed wrong! I thought it was surely the white one! I hope you have a wonderful Halloween and what a great idea to go out to dinner after trick-or-treat is over!

  9. I guessed wrong.
    I thought it was the white pumpkin.
    I am waiting on an order I placed back in August.
    Hope all of your orders come in time for the season.

    Happy Halloween ~ Trick or Treat!

  10. I guessed right! I love all the cupboard space perfect! Our trick or treat was on Thursday in our small town and we don't get kiddos out here in the country. I hope next year we can pass out candy when they have the businesses downtown do it on the Tuesday before Halloween. This year Jack just wasn't feeling good enough to do it. I hope your day today was good and now on to Thanksgiving!

  11. Happy Halloween! I was excited to have picked the orange pumpkin, lol.

  12. I'm glad that order arrived in time -- but barely. Love the cat and pumpkin buckets!


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