Thursday, May 27, 2021

Week Two

 Two weeks into the reno,

but who's counting?  

Hello everyone!
Chimney cabinet was painted in white.

I asked Bob if he could re-paint 
it the creamy white color I finally found.
He also changed the hinges and door pulls.
These will match the other cupboards once finished.

Remember the green cabinet?
Well the gal at our local hardware store 
helped me tremendously.
Unfortunately, my bunny was too round for
their color match scanner,
while the latch from the door 
that Bob took off was too small.

This gal was so determined to get me 
the right color, that she brought out the top guns.
A huge color book from a secret stash.
We took those colors and matched as best 
we could and she mixed 2 samples up for me.
One called  Benjamin Moore Palace White
 was a perfect match!

First wood bottom cabinet Bob was working on.

Now painted Benjamin Moore Whipple Blue.
If you guessed the color blue for the other
half of my color were correct.
A French blue color for my French heritage.
Our wood floor was already here.
It is a hickory color which is throughout our home. 

Bob is now working on the wood top now.
Yes I will have wood tops.
We were originally going to go with quartz,
but Bob mentioned he might have enough of 
the wood left in which he made for a client.
Wood it is now.

Notice our new fridge.
So glad that it is here now.
Bob boxed it in with more beadboard
and painted it the same as the wall.
He just needs to trim it off on the top now.
Cannot wait to get the green light
to decorate this part.
Shhh dont tell Bob but I already added
 my blue trencher to the top of the white one.
Te He...he already spotted it.
Will have to take it down before
he paints the ceiling over though.

With my Summers spent on both
 my paternal and maternal
grandparents farms,
I wanted to incorporate my kitchen
with memories of theirs.
Both gramma B and gramma H had
white farmhouse kitchens...
before farmhouse became the rage.
The blue is a nod to
my paternal grandparents French heritage.

My farmhouse kitchen will not have the fancy
stenciled lettering, open wood shelves with black pipes, 
or shiplap.
Mine will have my prims, crockery and wood,
with my antiques.
Am looking forward to sharing my ideas
once it is finished.

Not much happened this week because
Bob had to set up for his antique auction.
So much going on.

Week 2 Blessings to All!


  1. Oh Janice, your kitchen is beyond words beautiful and you are not even finished! It is "pinch me" gorgeous and is going to be so amazing when you add all of charming prim accessories. Lots of adjectives, I know, but all so true! Looking forward to seeing the continued transformation. Jane

    1. Thank you Jane! Will love it once completed. More to come as we progress. Janice

  2. The cabinet is fabulous and I really love that blue! This will be so beautiful when all is done -- but I'm like you, I'd be counting the weeks, too!

    1. Thank you Jeanie! Still counting the weeks. Will be glad to be done so I can put things back. Its a game right now to try and find things. LOL Janice

  3. Things are looking great! I do love that blue color for a pop of color. The old green cabinets look so good in the new lighter color too. Can't wait to see the next photo sharing of progress!!

    1. Thanks Winnie! Could not believe I was able to color match the whites perfectly. Still not complete. Janice

  4. It’s looking so great! The blue is spectacular. Prims win over farmhouse decor any day!!!

  5. What a talented hubby. Lucky you!

  6. The French Bleu is the perfect shade. How gorgeous and yet cozy your kitchen is looking. So welcoming but still very classy! It's going to be so beautiful.

    1. Thanks and yes I think it will be a classy French prim kitchen. Our tile came in, so even more excited to get that up now...still not done. Janice

  7. That paint IS a perfect match...and whites/off-whites are so very difficult to match. Very impressive. Your kitchen is going to be stunning...well, is already. I so wanted that authentic old look but when we did the huge remodel here, I gave up with the "deer-in-the-headlights" syndrome when trying to explain what I wanted to do. I think you're making tremendous progress....I am almost on week 12? of the bed/bath reno and no finish date within articulation. ~Robin~

    1. Thanks Robin! Week 12. UGH I hope it dont take Bob that long. He is working on it by himself and he took time off to do his auction now, so kitchen was put on hold. Janice

  8. Things are coming together! construction is so hard especially in the kitchen but you will be so pleased when it is done.

    1. Yes will be glad when it is done. Dont know where anything is. LOL Janice

  9. It's going to be beautiful...and I LOVE that you're bringing the sweet memories of both grandmothers into your own kitchen.

    Can you tell us a little more about the wood counters you're planning on? I'm asking because I'd like new counters in our kitchen...because we have an 1864 farmhouse, with less than level and perfect surfaces (gasp) no one will install a new counter. So I'm thinking a simple wood one would be the best option...any ideas you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Mary

    1. Bob purchases live edge wood from a guy he knows. It is Ash. Since wood is not wide anymore like in the 1800's. he has to glue planks together and clamps them to adhere, which usually takes 2 days. Then he has to sand and add wood putty where needed and wait some more before cutting it for the tops. Our floors are not level either and we have a 50's ranch home. He had to create each cabinet differently to make it all level. Not sure how this would have happened with stock cabinets. So glad he is able to do this. Hope this helps. Janice

  10. Your kitchen is looking mighty fine. Nods to your hubby for his fine workmanship. Know you will be happy to see it all done and decorated.

  11. Thank you Jennie! I will let Bob know what you said. I actually read all of my comments to him. Made him proud. Janice


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