Tuesday, May 11, 2021

And So It Begins

Still cold with frost warnings here at the homestead.

Even had a fire in the fireplace to take off the chill. 

Well folks...and so it begins.

Here are the before pics of our kitchen.

If you notice my dipper swags in the window.
The seed sorter was on the side of the cabinet.

See the orange strap on our fridge?
The tech who was supposed to come out and fix
our ice maker, broke our freezer door.
With weeks of Bob and I complaining
to the company who broke our freezer door,
the actual appliance company we bought the fridge
from will be sending us a new refrigerator.
It comes tomorrow.
The store manager knew Bob eons ago...
and could not believe the hassle we were given 
by their contractor.
We did not want another fridge, but now will get one.

We still are not sure if we will add anything 
to the left of the fridge.
The drieds probably won't stay.

However the window will go bye bye.

Cannot wait for my farmhouse sink.

Notice the big box in our living room?
That is our dishwasher.
In back of that is the freezer we were given
to put our frozen food until our fridge comes.
Our sink is in the back room,
along with everything else now that was in the kitchen.

Bob is going to start in this corner first.

Window will be gone soon....

Sorry, meant to post this morning.
Had to take Tundra to the vet for his neuter.
Then Shadow had to go in for an emergency.
X-rays showed he ate something,
but is passing it now.
Ugh, probably something Bob left on the floor.
Both puppy kitty are sleeping at home now. 

And So It Begins Blessings To All!


  1. I am so glad Shadow is going to be okay. It's very scary when they have an emergency like that. I bet your "new" kitchen is going to be spectacular. The sink alone will transform it!

    1. Us too! He was a wild kitten when we rescued him. Am looking forward to this kitchen being done. Janice

  2. so glad pets are on the mend and you have resolved your frig issue. You will love your new kitchen

    1. Us too! Having to get use to the new fridge too. m already starting to love the kitchen thus far...only been a week. Janice

  3. This is so exciting! I love your jelly cupboard, I need something like that to use as a pantry. It will have to go in the dining room because the kitchen has no space! What a pain you went through with that fridge! Here's to smooth sailing from now on... Jan in MA

    1. The jelly cupboard will be sold. I have a different plan to make the kitchen a bit bigger. So glad to be over the fridge ordeal. Janice

  4. Is Tundra wearing the cone of shame???
    Hoping Shadow is better. Furbabies!!! We love them and will do everything we can for them.

    1. He was given one, but we crated him so he did not have to wear it. LOL Shadow was a rescue we saved out in the wild as a kitten. He is doing good now too. So scary. Janice

  5. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen...ahhhh a farmhouse sink. I'm green with envy!

    1. Me too! After waiting 19 years it is finally happening! Janice

  6. Well, let the changes begin! Hopefully everything will run smoothly and quickly. Years ago, we had to renovate our kitchen and what was supposed to be a few weeks was almost 3 months! I was so tired of washing dishes in the bathtub and cooking in a microwave and using a cooler with ice . All that with 2 kids too!! I can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out and how you figure out what to do to keep it with a Prim flair.

    1. So excited! Thanks Winnie. Once the first wall is finished, then we will be grilling outside and doing take out dinners. I will be doing dishes in the laundry tub I am afraid.:-( The things we do for our remodels...and you having 2 kids made it more difficult. It will be semi prim. Janice

  7. Janice, a shame about your frig. Hope the rest is smooth sailing. It is always something with the animals to be sure. Robin had all her teeth removed this week and they found a lump on her chest so are waiting for results..xxoJudy

  8. So sorry to hear about your Robin. Hopefully the results will not be so bad. We do a lot for our fur babies don't we. Janice


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