Sunday, May 23, 2021

A Welcoming Spring Display

 Summer has arrived here in Eastern Michigan.

Hot humid temps and even a bit of rain.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments to my last post.

 My next will reveal the bottom color of our cabinets.

Stay tuned.

This is my last Spring display.

Something I put together pre kitchen reno
near our front door to welcome all that come in.
The portrait is that of my paternal gramma's parents.
Robert and Effie.

Tried to do a close up of my punched tin lamp.
Hopefully you can see the pattern.

Notice the layering up for the 
three grouped pieces I added.

The zinc vase I re-purposed again from
my Winter bath display. 
The other side is the cut out tree. 

One of my quilts underneath.

Last Wednesday Bob re-opened our antique store
for a special buyer of ours.
She was a buyer for the film and tv industry.
back in L.A., but was homesick
for her home state, so she packed up and moved
here back home about 12 years ago.
She lives a hop skip and jump from our home.

Mark Walburg himself begged her to
to buy for his new series he was producing.
You might have heard of 
Boardwalk Empire.
He did not care if she moved back to Michigan.
He wanted her expertise and would pay her
to do the job here.
Do the job she did.

She also did Pan Am the series.
Oh I cannot remember al the items she bought 
for that show.

She bought many primitives one year
 for a period movie...cannot remember the name.
However she did beg me for my own personal
black kettle I had.

There were others too.
She is now involved with  Disney.
She cannot tell us the name until it comes out.

Once she starts a new project,
She always comes to us first.
We let her shop both our store and garage.

Well off to work the gift store now.

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend!

Morning Spring Blessings To All!


  1. Wow girl, hobnobbing with the Hollywood type eh? How cool!!!!! So did you sell her your own black kettle?

    1. Yes I did sell my kettle to her. I have another one now. Janice

  2. What an interesting friend you have that appreciates your antiques for her movies! I bet she had fun shopping with Bob for future plans too.

    Your little tin punched lamp is very nice and I bet the design shows up well when lit.

    1. Yes I should have posted a pic with the light time I will. Janice

  3. Wow , that is exciting !!! Love the picture of your paternal grand parents !

  4. What fun to have a celebrity buyer!!!

    1. She is down to earth, not at all a hoity toity. Janice

  5. I'm thinking I would specially open my shop for a buyer such as that as well LOL. What and interesting and fun job to have, although it would likely not be one at which I would be successful since I would want to keep everything. I wonder what happens to the pieces once they are done with them? Your displays are charming as always, Janice. Sunday blessings ~Robin~

    1. They have a warehouse where they keep certain items in Hollywood...other than the ones they keep, either they sell the extras or the workers are sometimes allowed to take items home. Depends. Janice

  6. I hope that the celebrity buyer buys a lot from you. Your display is super as usual.

  7. wow, that is great! I only knew one Effie. She was a elderly neighbor who lived with her sister on the farm they were born in. She has long passed now, but your post reminded me of her.

    1. Yes Effie is an unusual name. My gramma H's name was Ilda, another different one. Janice

  8. It arrived and went in about two hours! I think it's coming back, though!

  9. How wonderful that you have a customer who uses your vintage items for the movie industry! It would be neat to recognize your own things when watching! Always love how you arrange and display your items. I love your old family photo!

    1. Thanks! It was fun watching the show to see where our items were placed on the sets. Janice

  10. loved reading this post. All of your gathered things to display are so pretty! How wonderful to have such a great customer for your shop!

    1. Yes she is a wonderful person. We use to go out together with her and her husband pre covid days. Janice

  11. What a fun connection to Hollywood you have - that's cool! Your spring display is so charming with all the metal, especially that tin cup. Hope your week is off to a good start Janice! Jane

    1. Yes it is fun to see what she works on next! Janice

  12. That's neat to have a friend like that! I too wonder what happens to the items once the movie is finished...maybe auctioned off? Love your spring display and the photo of Effie and Robert. Jan in MA

  13. The items get stored in the Hollywood warehouse or sometimes the workers can take things home, or sometimes items get re-sold. Depends on the items. She is not a part of that, so we do not actually know what happens to the items she purchases from us afterwards. Janice

  14. Love the blue quilt!! Must be fun seeing your pieces show up on film!!!

  15. Thanks Jennie! Yes it is fun seeing the items on tv. Janice

  16. I love the lamp.
    High Fives... to have your items in the movies. How fun.

  17. Janice, I love the vignette that you have as you walk in. It tells so much about you. A fascinating story about the buyer that comes to you. No matter how old we get I think it still is amazing to us when a "celebrity" picks us. Years ago when we had a little antique shop, June Allyson (if you are not old enough you might not know her) came by a few times and bought some of my ceramics. It was a co-op so we didn't work the shop so I never got to see her..xxoJudy

  18. WOW that is a cool story too Judy and yes I do know who June is. Janice


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