Monday, May 3, 2021

Cheery Corner

Hello Friends!


Is it Spring, Winter or Summer here in Michigan?

We went from 37 to 86 to 47 degrees. UGH

Well I created a few Spring displays before kitchen redo. 

My early splint basket holds some of

my current magazines underneath this quilt.

I so love all of my crockery.
These two smaller ones are canning crocks.
(AKA wax sealers)
If you enlarge the pic, you can see the lip at the top
where the wax would be poured to seal your food.

Although the apple blossoms are not yet blooming
here in our part of Michigan, they are in our home. :-)

My steed is the centerpiece of this display.

Notice the 1 and 3 rule here.
(horse and three crocks)

Also the three bowls in my bowl rack.

Not every designer will tell you to move things around
in your home for a different look.
The designer blogs will feature new items,
hoping you will purchase.
Magazines will feature new items for you to purchase.
I do purchase new items myself...
but items that will fit in with my prims.
I do not go hog wild on re-decorating my home.
Too much money invested in my prims to do this.
Plus I love my prims and do not want to sell them.
So what I do is move things around
for fun and exciting displays.
If you have followed me for awhile,
you will see I move things around lots of times.
Live with what you love is my motto.

Today my job is to put things in bins or throw
stuff away as the redo will begin....
well after Sandy gets her cabinet made.
Sandy is a follower and I am not jealous,
because she did ask Bob to make her the cabinet
I think before we decided on the date for the kitchen.
Sandy it was nice seeing you and Gary yesterday!   

Well lots to do.
Got to get Busy Busy Busy.

Cheery Corner Blessings To All!


  1. Well of course my favorite photos are those with the horse pull toy. Any form of horse makes my heart skip a beat, but particularly love the real flesh.

    1. I actually have three antique horses. So glad you love them! Janice

  2. More beautiful crockery...thanks for sharing! And you're spot on...I remember my college professors saying displays should be in odd numbers and every room should have something in it that makes you smile. I also love that you have magazines tucked under a quilt...I do the same. I can also be known for "hiding" some modern conveniences like a tv, phone, or kitchen gadgets in cupboards to keep the old, prim look. Always appreciate your inspiration!

    1. I have a huge covered dough box that I store magazines in my 6 board chest has the rest. LOL Please do show how you hide your modern conveniences. Would love to see that. Janice

  3. I move things around too and sometimes surprise myself when it looks good! I would love to have the decorating gene like you do! Your displays are always so pretty and interesting. I don't do primitive but I sure enjoy your displays. Have a good week!

    1. Moving things around makes the space fresh and new least for me it does. Janice

  4. I am a firm advocate of shopping your house for a new look. Then, if you really must, hit the store. I love your move-abouts!

    1. Thanks Jeanie. It helps to move things around when I stick to the color scheme I have in our home. Janice

  5. I really love your display and that steed is the star for sure. It looks great and very inviting.
    I don't do primitive either but it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy for their beauty and value.

    I hope your weather will settle soon.

    Enjoy the new eek.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Weather still the same. Furnace back up and fire in the fireplace to take off the chill. Janice

  6. I LOVE your canning crocks. I have a few...but none with the blue. Maybe some day...sigh.

    1. I was lucky to find these awhile back. Have not seen any more since then. Janice

  7. I just adore that horse. It's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Holly! I have 2 more antique horses. Janice

  8. Another fun blog,always love the photos. Good to see you,Bob and of course Tundra. I saw a photo of cabinet and loved it. Can't wait to see your kitchen and I know you will be so happy when your house isn't in turmoil. Also loved the girls you were working on

  9. Was great to see you too! If my home more prim, you might not have got that cabinet Bob made for you. LOL It turned out great! So glad you loved it! Now Bob is starting our kitchen. Yippee! Janice


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