Friday, May 7, 2021

May CupboardScape

Spring has returned back again with

some much needed rain for those May flowers.

Still chilly though.

I must confess this was not the CupboardScape
I had planned for May.
However when your hubby says clean out the kitchen...
you clean out the kitchen if you want your redo
to start happening. LOL
I use this crock for my wooden spoons...
which I do use.
However the one with holes is an antique
top of an apple butter paddle.
Used to crush the apples.
The blue enamel piece is a milk jug.

Therefore I moved most of the counter goods
over to my cupboardscape cabinet,
as this one will not move.
The big wood item is a pie peel. 
These were used to take bread and pies out 
of brick ovens in the day.
Dried okra in the white colander.

This is a wood seed sorter.
The good seeds would go through,
leaving the chafe.
It was hanging on the side of one of my cabinets.

Although Hobby Lobby sells these jars,
these are originals that I found.
Glass coffee jars from the 1940's without their labels.
Much cheaper than Hobby Lobby sells them for too.
These hold sugar, brown sugar and flour.
I have another one for coffee.

All of the dippers were in my window.
I use to hang them to mimic 2 swags.
Here I could not do it because some
have holes and wont work on my tobacco stick.

All nice old ones.
Not sure if I will keep these in the new scheme.
Kind of like the window free of its
tobacco cloth curtain and dippers.
I only covered it because of the ugly window....
but now that we will be getting new ones...
well they might go.

The metal one on the right reminded me of the one
my gramma B had on her farm.

Gramma H always had white ones.
I may just keep these.

Once Bob is ready for paint....
this will need to be moved.
All of it.
But after the other part of the kitchen is finished.
Still deciding on a color.
Decisions Decisions Decisions

                          Dried okra that hung on the opposite wall.

Along with my other drieds that are now

on the spare bed.

The lil wood box holds my dish rags.

Well hopefully I did this display some justice.

On The Fly Blessings To All!



  1. The dipper collection is fascinating and it does make for a great eclectic window covering. It reminds me that I need to search out a white with red trim one because my Grandma had a basin, dipper and bucket at the washstand in her kitchen for washing hands. There was no running water in the old farmhouse.

    I have also never seen a seed sorter. How did it actually work? There is always much to learn from vintage pieces!

    1. Gramma B had no running water or heat. Wood stove and well until the 1970.s when she finally got both and even an indoor bathroom. Janice

  2. I love your dipper collection and your cupboard-scape looks very nice. The string of dries okra is something I never saw before.
    It's getting exciting as your remodelling is coming closer and closer. Always something brewing at your place.

    Stay well.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. I even have dried beans and broom corn. Fascinating drieds. Janice

  3. Looking forward to your kitchen remodel. I desperately need of these days.

    1. Me too since I have lived here for 19 years now. After this room, last room to redo is the laundry room. Janice

  4. Oh you did good! I love the dippers, but I am most drawn to the old wooden pieces.

    1. I love some enamelware and wood...lots of wood. Janice

  5. I'm a dip for dippers, I love them. I love enamel over metal on anything, too! The dried okra looks amazing. In summer it can get so big so fast, too big for eating but using them as a dried is a fantastic idea!

    1. I dont recall ever eating okra. I purchased the dries ones at a primitive show many years ago. Janice

  6. Janice, I would move heaven and earth for a remodel!! That dried okra is so special. I have never seen it dried..Can't wait to hear the color you choose and when it is all put back together..xxoJudy

    1. 19 years n the making. Once complete, I will be a happy camper. I think I am leaning on shades of white and a French medium blue color. Janice

  7. I love the history in every piece...and dippers to make a "swag" how clever! I too would LOVE a kitchen remodel. Sigh...please share pictures as you go along, we'd love the inspiration!

    1. Yep, my next post you can see the dipper swag a bit better. 19 years I have been waiting to remodel the kitchen. Finally getting it done. Janice

  8. I like your jars and that ladle display. I just went to the basement, poked around for awhile and then threw my hands up in despair and came back upstairs.Overwhelmed.

    1. Hopefully you were able to get back into the basement for what you were looking for. I have not been in my attic for months now. Once the kitchen is done, we need to get back up there and clean the rest out. Janice

  9. Love your May Cupboardscape. The dippers look great hanging on your tobacco stick but must have looked sweet as a swag too. My favorite thing in this vignette has to be the pie peel - that must have been a huge oven to use such a big peel! The jars are beautiful too, and so useful. Can't wait to see your kitchen redo when it's finished. Jan in MA

  10. Thank you Janice! I have a few pie peels. One even bigger than this one. Janice

  11. I LOVE the dippers. They remind me of my grandpa. He always had one out by the outdoor faucet to fill for a drink of cold water. ;-)
    I like your big jars. I like it all. It is lovely.


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