Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Week One

Thanks for following along with the chaos.

I know these new pics are not so pretty, but reality.

Bob has been working on this redo daily.
His cousin comes in every now and then
to check on the progress.
IE: electrical thus far and tile when that part is needed.

I wanted this opposite wall to have beadboard
like my Cupboardscape wall.
Bob thought it would be nice to also
 do this little wall on the right too.
I so agree.

He uncovered this 50's linoleum
underneath the original cabinets.

When I purchased this house in 2002
(19 years ago)
pre Bob...
the entire house was this brown paneling
(above pic which was underneath upper cabinet)
and brown linoleum.
They added a pink rug in the living room
over the brown linoleum.
I was told this house was built by the original
owner whom I purchased from.
He built the house just for a Summer home
for his family.
Thus the linoleum was there so when his
children came back from swimming in the river,
it was easier to clean up the sand and dirt.
I had to paint these paneled walls 
right away, because at night I was tripping
over stuff because it was so dark.
When Bob sold his house and we were married,
that was when we started the prim remodel.
We were a match made in heaven....
literally...which is another story I need to tell
in a future post.

Homes with fireplaces 
always had a chimney cabinet nearby.
They were used to store wood.
Bob made this one, but will hold
all of my seasonal plates and glasses.
[Easter, Thanksgiving, July 4th and Christmas]
It is standing on the side of our fireplace. 

No more window... and I dont even miss it.
I had it covered anyway.

Old silver insulation.
Bob hit a bit of a snag after putting up
all of the drywall.
The plugs on the wall were no longer working.
In comes cousin to the rescue.
Bob went underneath the house,
while Cuz Jimmy stayed up to pull the wires.
Come to find out a mouse chewed through
the neutral one and once Bob
jiggled the wires because he moved
 one of the sockets, this wire completely
 fell apart.
Glad it happened before paint.

Hubby Bob mudding the drywall.

Corner almost done.
The walls will all be Benjamin Moore
Moonlight White.
I do not like green primitives....
so sorry to those who do.
I have saved this upper prim cabinet 
for 10 years...stored in the garage.
It hopefully will be painted the same
white as this primitive antique cabinet.
Early white cabinets were really more
of a creamy yellow color.
This cabinet has been stored 
in our laundry room for years too.
Hopefully I can color match this white.
Fingers crossed as this is the next chore
I need to do.

So believe it or not, the cabinet color
matches my bunny.
I looked desperately around the house,
looking for something close to the cabinet color.
This bunny matched perfectly.
I knew there was a reason why I like bunnies.

Oh yeah, one more thing.
Most of you are probably thinking 
I am now going a farmhouse 
white look for our kitchen.  
You are half right.
The bottom cabinets will be another color,
a bode to my heritage.
Wonder if you can guess that color?

Week One Blessings To All!


  1. Quite a talented and sweet hubby your Bob is. Since the bottom cabinets will be something other than farmhouse white they obviously won't be green. But don't think I know your heritage so don't have a clue.

  2. Oh my, Janice!! Things are looking wonderful as remodeling goes forward. I do like that finished corner too! The little green cabinet is really wonderful in size and shape and when you get it painted the white color, I think it will be just the perfect piece. Thanks for sharing and I hope Bob and his cousin don’t find too many more disasters with the electrical wiring. Like you say, thankfully the last round of problems happened before painting!

    1. The green piece will be for my baking food panty items. More problems uncovered too. UGH will post what else happened. Janice

  3. It depends on which green for me - the hunter greens, emerald greens, even clear apple greens and sage are good, but when they go olive, muddy, or minty - not so much. Didn't most of those old white cabinets yellow due to the oil base paints used back then?

    I'm drawing a blank on your heritage, so no idea what color you will use, other than not green? Hmmm...I'd be ok with a dark blue or grey for myself, perhaps dark dark purple or dark red if I were feeling daring. What about red? A dark red could work with your primitive farmhouse style. I can't quite picture using an orange or gold, or yellow - seems a bit bright.

    Am I alone in thinking it's sort of sad we don't have fun flooring like that 50s linoleum? Except for area rugs, it seems to be a sea of tile and wood (faux or real), and plain carpets.

    1. Yes the oils and lead in the paint caused them to yellow. Wood floors for us is easier to take care of with our pets. If I was into the 50's that linoleum would have been perfect. Janice

  4. I'm glad your renovations are coming along quite well. I'm glad the problem was fixed easily. I'm looking forward to seeing more sharing of the kitchen project.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Yes one problem fixed and found another one. The joy of remodeling. Janice

  5. Janice, you are really coming along with the kitchen remodel. Can't wait to see it all. You have so many beautiful collections that I know it will be wonderful..xxoJudy

    1. Yes cannot wait to have this finished. Been eating out many nights now. Janice

  6. I’m gonna guess deep blue, perhaps a navy, for the bottom cabinets. Maybe you even considered black but decided against it?
    Ok, that was my guess. I like to see renos!!

    1. I dont want to give it away, but many who commented were correct. Stay tuned. Janice

  7. I love beadboard...can't wait to see each day's progress! And yes, I'm completely jealous!

    1. Thanks! The beadboard reminded me of my gramma B's farm and that was part of my inspiration for this kitchen. Stay tuned. Janice

  8. Looks great Janice. Can't wait the see the final finish.

  9. That is such a massive redo -- you are so lucky that Bob is so clever with that sort of thing. Well done -- I look forward to phase next!

    1. Yep the entire kitchen except for one wall will be re-done. Stay tuned for week 2. Janice

  10. Wowsers....You are making this happen...FAST! (Much faster than my project at the lake is going). I love the beadboard too.... I am going to say BLUE!!! on the bottom cabinets and it's going to be glorious. ;-) Reno on.... ~Robin~

    1. Thanks Robin! The beadboard reminded me of my gramma B's farmhouse, which was part of my inspiration for my new kitchen. Janice

  11. What a beautiful redo in progress. I am trying to guess the color of the lower cabinets. I will guess Delft Blue or a dark red.

    1. Its getting there...cannot wait. Stay tuned for the color. Janice

  12. It's looking great. I would guess blue or red too.

    1. Thanks Jacky. Lot of hard work for Bob since he is doing this solo. Janice

  13. It is looking good. :-) Cannot wait to see it all done.

  14. Looking good and you are lucky to have that handy hubby.

  15. Yes he is a handy one and so fortunate to have him in my life. Janice

  16. Wow! This is looking great. I am so excited for you. Aren't handy hubbys the best? 😊 Kit


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