Friday, December 18, 2020

St Nicholas


TGIF friends!

Can you believe only a week until Christmas. 

Today's post are all about

 my vintage and antique Santa's.

Lovingly referred to as St Nicholas.

I was hoping to add one or two more

to my collection, however did not score any.

If I knew where Lauren lived
from Rugs and Pugs,
she might be missing some. LOL

Paired nicely with my stone fruit and a poinsettia.

Another fake feather tree.
This one a bit wonky and not straight.

Never did put my dead rabbit away.

Wall by our front door
where no one will come in this Christmas.
Me is a sad daughter, mom and gramma.

Last year this time mom and I made
18 dozen potato and cheese pierogis.
A dozen for everyone was given as a present
from us.

This year just the memories of the last one.

Today I am off to take Ace kitty for a vet checkup.

Then off to the grocery store to buy food for Christmas

and New Year's. Will also make a few dozen

Christmas cookies for Bob and I.

St Nicholas Blessings To All!



  1. I know how you feel about spending Christmas with just the two of you. It the sad truth fr a good many of us. At least we still have someone to spend Christmas. Several of my friends are widowed this Christmas and are spending Christmas all alone. Another one has her husband in hospice, waiting to die.

    You little Santas are a real treat.
    I wish you and your husband a grace filled Christmas despite Covid-19.

    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. You have some wonderful old Santas! I especially love the one in the boot. I don't have one like that...sigh. I'll send directions to my house. Heck, I would never miss one or two of!
    Homemade pierogis~~~YUM!
    I choose to spend Christmas with those closest to me. I could not bear to spend it alone.
    Merry, merry Christmas to you and Bob.

  3. Pssssttt Janice....I have Lauren's address.... I'll share if you share the loot. ;-) You both have fabulous collections. I am not so fortunate. I believe I have 1 LOL... I also love the old reindeer (and, yes, I covet your leather one!!!) Holy pierogis!!!! I have never made them...and think I have only had them once or twice. Happy Friyay..... ~Robin~

  4. you do have some wonderful old santas I did not even dig mine out so sad. Just no heart for it I guess. And yes Lauren has a lot of great santas

  5. Your Santas are a festive bunch. I love them! Yes, this year is such a different Christmas...

  6. Your Santas are darling and I'm so glad you are decorating and baking, even if it's just the two of you this year. You have spirit and I think we're all a little melancholy at times -- but there is joy and tradition at others. It makes me smile to see your wonderful collection -- that first photo really captured me, but really, they all did.

  7. I used to collect Santas and do have a lovely assortment that are still in the storage area and will not be pulled out this year. I have also given many to my kids when they would admire one or say that someday they would like one. I love knowing that my kids are displaying them now. I have plenty left and did decorate this year but more simply. So as another person not gathering this year, we'll get through and know we're really not alone. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers and hope that next Christmas we'll have some good blogging moments with our family and friends!

  8. I love your awesome Santa collection. I can smell those cookies baking now. Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Lecia

  9. Everything is so beautiful. I am catching up with your latest posts this morning. Don't ever worry about replying to me, I don't expect it, I just want to see your pictures. There are no stores close to me that have your touch.


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