Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Mantle Madness

 Hello blog friends.

Hope this post finds you safe and well.

Back in June when I was creating
my look and purchasing items for our store,
I became frustrated in November because my
idea for my mantle was not fully complete.

Although the last picture will show
the final look...believe you me,
I was worried that my back ordered items
would not come in on time. 

Owning a gift shop is much different
than owning an antique store.
For Halloween and Christmas goods,
if you want free shipping you have to order in June.
If you don't order the minimums from your wholesalers,
forget about getting orders.
If you don't order early, chances are you wont
get your product.
There is also a chance you still won't get it.

I did want I could to make this mantle festive.
The felt garland was a hit at least.
I have also changed the mantle up now 
as things sold.
{which I am not complaining about at all}

Still keeping track of inventory and what sold
and did not sell is very important.
I spend every Saturday morning working on it 
hours before I open.

If I did not have my inventory system,
come tax time this would be a big headache.

As you can see the mantle was finally complete.
My backorders came in on time.
The stockings were hung in the hopes
that St. Nicholas would surely come.
In fact isn't that him coming down the fireplace?
Presentation is everything 
my design teacher once told me.
She was exactly correct.

Before pic again.

Plus these Santa cams also arrived just in time.
Two AA batteries placed inside and a red light appears,
Children know when they see the red light,
that Santa is watching them.

Mantle Magic Blessings To All!


  1. Wishing you lots of sales for the holiday.

    1. Thank you. We could use all the sales we can get to make up for the months we were closed. Janice

  2. We don't always appreciate the work that goes into having a store not to mention the headaches. From what I see on the blog you are really good at what you do, someday I will get to visit.

  3. Yes hard work indeed. It took me 34 hours to decorate and price our Christmas goods. Almost 1000 items. I like to see holes now where products once were and changing things up a bit where I can to still make it look festive. I do this on Saturday as well before opening. Janice

  4. You nailed it!! Looks awesome..even the before one is good. I love that North Pole sign. I went to the North Pole (Alaska) and sat on Santa's knee and fed his reindeer. For a Santa collector like me it was a dream come true! I hope you sell out of everything! You're a hard worker and deserve a good sales year. One day I'll make a trip up north and visit your store! Take care!

    1. How awesome to visit the real North Pole and see Santa and his reindeer! I am sure it was an awesome trip! Some day would like to visit with you in person too! Janice

  5. Simply beautiful!
    Love the Santa cam. What a fun idea :)

    1. Wish my kids and even grandkids were small enough for that Santa cam myself!!! Janice

  6. It looks fabulous, Janice. And I have to say, I really admire that ability to work six months ahead of stuff! The best I could do was two months editing a magazine. Six and holidays off season would so totally confuse me!

    1. I have a wish list and then create vignettes and spreadsheets of what I have purchased from each company, otherwise I would go CRAZY myself. There are times though I forget to price something...then hubby calls me like he did both Monday and today. Oh well. Janice

  7. So much work and I bet you do it all by yourself. I hope you sell everything too. I like the Santa cam too.
    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. I do most of it myself, but Bob will undo some of the huge boxes for me and put up the overhead lights. I am short. LOL The Santa cam was a hit! Janice

  8. Love the decor and the Santa cam!!!!!!!!

  9. Your mantel is perfectly and artfully staged Janice! Like yaya, I even like the "before," but I realize you need more...much more...for a store. I love that Santa cam!! LOL...bet that would keep a few children (and even perhaps some grown "children") in line LOL. Would so love to come shop sometime. ~Robin~

  10. The "Better not pout" sign is just wonderful! Well, all the signs are great! And the Santa legs as he's in the chimney are sheer whimsy genius!

  11. I love your mantel. If I lived close, I would love to visit your store. It looks awesome. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas season, I hope you can visit your mom. Hugs, Lecia


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