Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Elves

 The countdown begins.

Hello friends!

Today I am featuring my elves.

Mom made the runner,
whilst my now deceased aunt knitted the mittens.

It was a game we played when the grands came over.
I would hide these elves all around the house,
and they would look for them.

Each day they spent here at Christmas time,
they would be moved to a new location.

Since that will not be happening this year,
just decided to leave them out in the open.

All 4 of them.

I so love my new amaryllis plants.

I sold these faux beauties in the store,

and decided to keep 2 for myself.

Well off to the store.

Continued prayers for SIL much appreciated.

My brother is doing better.

Christmas Elf Blessings To All!



  1. I think your elves are happy to take a break from constantly being moved around. My daughter Christine uses her elf on the shelf to leave a wrapped present book each day of Advent for her two boys. The first thing in the morning, they hunt for a new book. They love reading.

    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Julia ~ I want to come live with your sister....I go through books like candy....and that's a lot!!!!!!

  2. Well, your elves are not as scary as some I have seen. I know someone who has basketfuls of these guys and some could give me nightmares LOL. I really LOVE your Santa and his sleigh picture!!! ~Robin~

  3. So you invented Elf on the Shelf? When I saw your elves it brought back so many childhood memories. My Mom always had them and she would have a ladder on the tree with them climbing up. Your tradition is one I'm sure your Grands will miss this year too. I'm sad we're spending Christmas without a family gathering but we'll get by and next year will be better! Have a good rest of the week!

  4. Janice, I love your Santa and his sleigh picture too! Is it a scherenschnitte? Or is it cross stitched? It's really lovely. Love your elves! Jan in MA

  5. That's good news on your brother. I'm very relieved. And the elves are darling! They make me smile.

  6. The candy-striped elves are especially adorable.


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