Thursday, December 10, 2020

A Homespun Christmas


Happy Thursday my friends!

Today another small part of my home decor.
I so love the graphics of early
Christmas boxes.

A birthday present to me
from me this year.
I have been collecting antique cotton homespun
fruit ornaments for a few years now. 

I purchased the apple above and this pear.

Although not on an antique feather tree,
the fruit adorn this small tree.
My real feather trees are too fragile for these.

This leather reindeer is pulling Santa's sleigh.
It is hard to tell, but I do have an antique sled here.
I should have put a bit of white in between
the drysink and sled. Oh well.

A corner small display.

I purchased this wool Santa from an antique friend.

Now for some night time views.

I kept things simple this Christmas
with not many displays...
but am happy with what I did do.
Instead of my 3 tall trees,
only one.

Homespun Christmas Blessings To All!


  1. A very nicely done understated Christmas decorated warm home. Loved the visual.

  2. Your Christmas decor is lovely. I remember that old fashion Santa face from my youth and I had learned to draw it by tracing it and after many repetitions, I didn't need to trace it to get it looking good.

    Stay safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Everything looks so nice. I know it's old things, but I like to look at them. I would love to visit your shop. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Sometimes less is more and I like your choices to display! I have some older Santas that I didn't bring out this year. My favorite one has his clothes made from red velvet curtains from an old school house. Maybe next year I'll do more..take care!

  5. Your decorations brought a smile. Simple but homey. I’ve never heard of those homespun fruit. And I wish I hadn’t. Another thing to collectšŸ¤

  6. I love those ornaments. Such a nice display

  7. Sweet decor. I have never seen the fruit ornaments.

  8. I absolutely love the simplicity and the sweet old-fashioned feeling your decorations bring. Perfect! No glitz or glam for me glad to have your ideas as inspiration for my own home. Thank you for sharing, Mary

  9. It's beautiful, Janice. It looks so cozy and pretty and warm.

  10. Beautiful Janice!! I have always loved the old spun cotton ornaments...and cotton batting figurines. I've played with making a few, but didn't get around to doing any this year....yet. ;-) Sunday Blessings ~Robin~

  11. Love,love your Christmas display


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